Office favourites

By Emma

The notion of sharing was a theme which wove its way through our blog naming sessions, ultimately inspiring the name upon which we settled; Our Kitchen.  It is an inclusive term. It is our kitchen, and it is your kitchen.  Not only do we want to share our recipes, thoughts and knowledge with others, we also want to learn from the people around us who share a passion for cooking and food just as we do.  So it was with this in mind that we chose Office Favourites for this month’s theme.

Food is an important part of life here at F&P, more so in Dunedin than in Auckland as our cooking products are designed and tested down at our Dunedin site.  Most days the team in product evaluation put our products to the test, cooking a myriad of recipes, the aromas wafting out into the office, teasing the engineers hard at work.  We will share some of these recipes with you over the course of the month.  They are recipes which are tried and true, often shared around the office and as a result have quickly become favourites. We will also post recipes which people in the office have cooked and kindly shared with us (we love being on the receiving end too!).

We have loved having input from passionate people outside of the blog team and want to thank everyone for their time and for sharing their beautiful recipes.  Perhaps these recipes and stories will inspire you to share some of your favourite recipes too.


  1. Fabulous collection!

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