By Sara

April is an unexpected visitor, knocking on our doors and bringing good weather and chocolate. We have had a (how should I say) variable summer and late March has finally delivered us beautiful sunshine. Without spending too much time reflecting on the weather, I’ll just say April is looking promising with crisp mornings and sunny afternoons. We have decided to dedicate the entire month of April to Easter and deliver you recipes for indulging treats like chocolate-dipped candied orange and Russian cheesecake as well as Vietnamese-inspired scrambled eggs or fried porridge for an easy brunch (after a big sleep-in), a rich beef pie for dinner with friends or mushroom and goats cheese bread for an afternoon tea with visitors.

Easter for me is eating chocolate eggs and hot cross buns for breakfast, long afternoon walks at the beach and beer and barbeques in the evening – possibly the last for a while as winter has announced that he’s on his way. Although in saying that, I’m lucky to have a father who barbeques all year round – he’s outside on his own, holding a beer and a pair of tongs and always in short sleeves no matter what the weather is like. And then there is the rest of the family, we are all comfortably indoors, preparing salads and cranking up the heat of the gas fire.

This Easter I will have to give him a night off.


Enjoy your holiday; share at least one meal with people you love and put some time aside for rest and relaxation.



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