Fisher & Paykel History Book

By Emma

Here at F&P we’ve been doing a bit of documentation and story telling of late.  You see, even though our heritage only dates back to the 1930’s, there are still countless stories to be told and significant milestones to be celebrated.  And so it is with a hefty hard-back tome that we share with the world our history.  Incredibly visual in its content, it’s filled with beautiful photographs which take the reader on a journey from the company’s inception to current day.

In addition to these images and as a result of finding ourselves in the fortunate position of being the F&P go-to gourmands, we were chuffed to be asked to write and shoot a selection of recipes to feature in this book.   The brief stipulated we write recipes which would hark back to our history whilst concurrently tracking the course of New Zealand’s culinary evolution.  And thus we experimented with pork terrine, boeuf bourguinon, jelly, pavlova, scones, pies and many more which we hope you will enjoy just as much as we enjoyed creating them.

So here’s to F&P, to our history and to our future!


  1. Alisha

    Well, this sounds wonderful! I love books :)

    I’m particularly intrigued to see what amazing things you’ll be doing with jelly!

  2. Emma

    Hi Alisha!
    Thanks for your lovely message. We had lots of fun with the jelly – it was a first for me making it from scratch so I learned lots!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Charlotte | Lovely Food

    Emma, your photos are wonderful! I just found them via tumblr and am just amazed to find this incredible talent in F&P – a company I grew up with – a distant memory now for a Kiwi mum living in The Cotswolds.

    I’m off for more of a look and to save a few on my Pinterest boards.

    Thanks !!

  4. Emma

    Hi Charlotte,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message – it is always nice to ‘meet’ our readers! Your photos and blog are beautiful too – and what a small world, we both grew up in Devonport!
    Best wishes from little old New Zealand,

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