10th February 2016

Easy Smoked BBQ Brisket

This recipe came from a recent obsession with Southern US barbecue. I’ve written before about the pseudo meat-monks that will religiously tend a fire from dawn till dusk. This recipe recreates that flavour with a style of worship that is much more hands off. An overnight spice rub and a two hour smoke creates a [...]

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20th December 2015

Half-Baked Chocolate Ice Cream

If you put ice cream in the oven it will melt. Nobody is arguing that. But if you put a special ice cream base into a hot oven briefly, then in the freezer, you get a fluffy baked cake exterior and an ice cream interior! The inspiration for this one-of-a-kind dessert came from noticing the [...]

20th November 2015


My travel mates and I arrived on a flight from Kuala Lumpur at a brand new airport. After some brief border security and a US$100 cash fee, we were in. Vietnam. A history of colonial rule, fierce revolution, the setting for many of my favourite films and books, and a reputation for fresh, spicy, delicious [...]

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7th September 2015

Deep Dish Pizza

The group of desks I sit at can sometimes get heated. When you have a Frenchman, a Northlander, a Chicagoan, a Chinese Kiwi, a Hamiltonian and a Westie all within arguing distance there can be some pretty steep opinion gradients. But we found one thing we can agree on. Paul mentioned his native city Chicago’s [...]

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24th June 2015

Roti Canai

Over summer I spent 2 months in South-East Asia, discovering the land of things that shouldn’t taste good but do. Fish sauce is made from rotting fish and smells like a dock during a power outage but cannot be substituted in many Thai dishes. Green chilli’s with eye watering amounts of capsacin, natures way of [...]

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9th May 2015

Dal Bhat

When I heard the news that Nepal had been hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, I immediately thought of a few people. I thought of my flatmate James, who had just luckily just returned from a trekking holiday there. I thought of Edmund Hilary, who with Nepali Sherpa Tenzing Norgay was the first to climb [...]

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30th April 2015

Smoked Steak

What? Smoked Steak? You don’t smoke steak! You SEAR steak! Before you assemble the angry mob, hear me out. Because this could be the best steak you have ever had.

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31st March 2015

Bare Knuckle BBQ

A few Sundays back I battled freakishly horrendous traffic (even for Auckland) to get to Quarry Bar on the North Shore, temporary home of Bareknuckle BBQ’s pop up restaurant. The stressful congestion of the northern motorway gave way to an oasis of $5 beers, sunny bar-leaners and meat. Glorious slow smoked brisket, pork ribs, beef [...]

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17th November 2014

Easy Ice Cream

One of my favourite food books is Americas Test Kitchen’s The Science of Good Cooking. The section on freezing shares many phrases with the steel manufacture section of my materials science books from engineering school. “Nucleation”, “crystal growth”, “supercooling”; steel and ice are very similar at the microscopic level.

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14th October 2014

Chicken salad

Vegan food is not something that comes naturally to me (how do you milk an almond???). My exposure to it was certainly limited growing up in Hamilton, one of the livestock capitals of the world. But a vegetarian flatmate and the lunch special at the Curry Pot (Naan, rice, raita, a chicken curry and a [...]

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