We are excited to introduce our guest blogger profile. Here we will share recipes from past members of the blog team, friends, family, colleagues, and you the reader (watch this space). We thought it would be a great way to showcase the beautiful recipes from those outside of the blog team whose culinary exploits inspire us.

22nd March 2016

Hot X Doughnuts

For me Easter is about finding the perfect hot cross bun, scouring the city for weeks hunting out the perfect fruit to spice ratio. A quick kiss under the grill, topped with a proper slice of butter is the only way to start an Autumn Sunday morning.

10th March 2016

Imperial Stout Affogato

Beer and ice cream? To some people this is going to sound like a horrible waste of beer – or maybe a horrible waste of ice cream – but it’s definitely worth a try, especially if you can find a pairing you like.

31st August 2015

Homemade Mozzarella

Jed is what I like to call a farmers foodie. You won’t catch him waxing lyrical about the nutty Edam cheese notes in a chardonnay but spend a couple of hours with Jed and you might be lucky enough to extract a few nuggets of wisdom on vege gardening, composting, or his new favourite local [...]

12th June 2015

Amie’s Dads’ dumplings

We were so lucky last week to have Amie not only share her dad’s dumplings recipe with us but also teach us how to make them.  Here are her words about this special family recipe.

13th March 2015

Raw ‘Choc’ orange slice

This very healthy and delicious (a perfect combo in my humble opinion) recipe comes courtesy of Bekah Carran – artist, budding raw foodist and conveniently partner of my desk buddy Matt.  Last week Matt brought in some treats Bekah had made and we just had to get her to share the recipe with us:

17th February 2015

Joe’s Cheese Rolls

Our new friend Joe has been hanging out with us at the Dunedin office for the past few weeks, getting a taste of a ridiculously good Dunedin summer whilst simultaneously gathering knowledge for his Masters Degree at Victoria.  Joe is back in Wellington now but we are hoping to see our new friend again soon [...]

30th October 2014

Spiced pumpkin tarte tatin

Rosie McLean is a final year student studying for a Bachelor of Culinary Arts at Otago Polytechnic. Rosie has her own blog where she indulges us in her weakness for all things sweet. As a special Halloween treat, Rosie popped in and cooked this amazing dish. I must admit that I personally ate four of [...]

11th September 2014


Daniel Magg is an Electronics Engineer here at F&P. He previously worked in our Dunedin office – where he contributed his Baumkuchen recipe and now he resides in Auckland. I know Daniel as a guy who makes strong coffees, likes football and has a very dry sense of humour. He’s also a good cook. I wondered whether this recipe [...]

9th September 2014

Saag Aloo pie

Becky works alongside me as one of our cooking product evaluators and she never fails to come up with new and inventive ways to test our cooking products. Her passion for cooking equates to a lot of delicious ‘engineer feed’ coming out of the lab so we asked her to whip up a favourite for [...]

5th September 2014

Rich’s 3 salads

To celebrate the halfway point of my first Dunedin winter, I decided to celebrate with an impromptu team dinner - 3 different salads made up this meal, but each of these could easily be transformed into sides or main dishes on their own.

17th August 2014

Andrew’s perfect roast beef

Last week we introduced Andrew, a Design Engineer here at F&P.  Rather than relying on luck when cooking a roast beef, he used a method based on a principal of thirds. Cooking for me has always been my creative outlet but Andrew’s shown me it has another side, a technical side

28th July 2014

Genevieve’s chicken and creamed corn soup

Being Samoan Chinese and living in Samoa eating chicken cream corn soup is a given for our family. Always eaten during Sunday tonai (lunch feast) as an appetizer along with Oka (see my post here) it is one of the many Chinese dishes I was taught to cook before heading off to university.

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