We are excited to introduce our guest blogger profile. Here we will share recipes from past members of the blog team, friends, family, colleagues, and you the reader (watch this space). We thought it would be a great way to showcase the beautiful recipes from those outside of the blog team whose culinary exploits inspire us.

13th March 2012

Strawberry shortcake

This recipe was given to us by Jennifer, a regular blog contributor and creator of all things deliciously sweet.  Jennifer is an amazing baker and so it happens writer; here are her beautiful words about strawberries and their transition into a shortcake. “Strawberries are one of the first announcements that summer’s bounty has begun

6th March 2012

Grilled banana sandwiches

Here at Fisher & Paykel we are fortunate to work with people in countries from Thailand, to Mexico, Australia and the United States.  We are fond of these inter-continental relationships and so decided this month that we would pay homage to them, celebrating the cultural diversity that filters its way through our workplace. Through our [...]

3rd March 2012

Ahuja’s Nortenas

This recipe was kindly passed on to me by Roberto, a Product Performance Technician from our F&P factory in Reynosa, Mexico.  Roberto talks fondly of his time spent in the Dunedin office – after thrown into one of their famous Office Cook Offs, he influenced his team to prepare the dish “Ahuja’s Northenas”

31st December 2011

Theresa’s tuna empanadas

This post is the last for 2011 and thus I feel it necessary to reflect on the twelve months that have been.  It has been a busy year for us here in the studio in Auckland and all of us have had the satisfaction of seeing some of our designs come to fruition.  One of [...]

8th December 2011

Vanilla cheesecake with strawberry compote

A few weeks ago the industrial design team in Dunedin had a shared morning tea to celebrate a couple of birthdays.  Annie made this beautiful cheesecake; it was so good we persuaded her to share her secret recipe with everyone!

19th November 2011

Nellie’s bran rolls

This recipe was kindly shared with us by Jennifer, our Learning and Development Specialist here at Fisher & Paykel. Jennifer is American and so it is particularly appropriate that she in contributing to the blog over this Thanksgiving period. Jennifer is a fantastically passionate baker and is always keen to share her stories

14th November 2011


Genevieve works as a cooking product evaluator here in the Dunedin office.  It has been a few months since she last shared a recipe with us; she has been too busy in the cooking lab testing appliances!

29th August 2011

Simone’s beef and pickled walnut pies

Outside of the blog team I think that Simone is one of our most regular guest bloggers. It has been a while since she last shared a recipe with us, due mostly in part to the arrival of a beautiful baby girl into this world, and also because she now works remotely from all the [...]

26th August 2011

Nick’s old cape brandy tart

When I sent word out to our Product Development team gently persuading them to share with us their tried-and-true recipes, I wasn’t sure how many, or exactly who would respond.  I have to admit that the majority of recipes ended up coming from the males in our office, though just how many of them sought [...]

22nd August 2011

Linda’s Louise Slice

Once again it’s time to celebrate one of our many colleagues who is passionate about baking. Linda, one of the technical writers, is particularly skilled in the art of home baking. Linda shares her thoughts with us. “Louise slice evokes the image of ladies’ afternoon tea, lace tablecloths, and bone china, the soft tinkling of [...]

18th August 2011

Pete’s thai green curry

This is not the first time I have introduced Pete. Almost two years ago now (how time flies!) he shared with us his recipe for Creamy Bacon Carbonara which has proved to be the most popular recipe on the blog since it was posted! Hopefully this one gives the other a run for its money. [...]

15th August 2011

Ed’s Hollandaise sauce

Ed, one of the functional leaders down here in Dunedin, didn’t have much choice about sharing his recipe for hollandaise sauce – I insisted, as I have been lucky enough to try it many times before. This is his story;

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