Bakey Kate’s the name (well it is now thanks to fellow blogger Lauren) but not only do I love to bake, I love all things culinary. This passion started from a young age, mostly inspired by my Grandma and Grandad. I spent hours at my Grandma’s bench ‘helping’ her to ‘fill the tins’, and waiting for the illusive pavlova laden beater attachment to come my way. Grandad tended a huge vegetable garden on their farm which was the source of bounty for the most magnificent soups, roasts and his specialty – campfire baked potatoes. The potatoes were extra special because cooking them involved riding motorbikes out on the farm, building fires and coming home with that toasty, earthy campfire smell embedded in our clothes. These early beginnings led to my training as a chef and specializing in Patisserie.

10th April 2017

Sichuan Tea-Smoked Duck and vegetables

For me there is a real excitement about being in an asian market where there are all kinds of incredible yet unidentifiable ingredients.  With the aid of a bit of google searching I quite often leave these markets with a handful of questionable yet quirky ingredients.  Over time the scope of ingredients in my culinary [...]

18th March 2017

Day after green smoothie

St Patricks Day and all it’s green associations ironically leaves many keen celebrators feeling somewhat green tinged on March the 18th. 

1st March 2017

Best ever pizza dough and sauce

During the development of our ovens we do a lot (seriously a lot) of cooking.  We try the tried and proven and experiment outside of the box and although the gastromomic world is an endless adventure in experimentation sometimes time honoured simplicity just can’t be beaten.

5th January 2017


This is undoubtedly the most awesome scone recipe out there.  The cheese and buttermilk work together to make a scone that is super tasty and tender.

19th December 2016

Spatchcocked turkey on the grill

So we are but a week away from Christmas and if like me you invited your entire family for Christmas you might be looking for some clever ways to maximise your oven capacity for the big day.  

14th December 2016

Dry Brined Roast Turkey

The great debate on how to treat your bird both before and during the cooking in order to achieve meat so succulent it will literally blow your mother in laws hair back brings together the best in tradition and culinary science.   In our experience the method of dry brining, regardless of the cooking method is [...]

29th July 2016

Grilled prawns, bacon and bananas, avocado and chilli mayonnaise

This is another beautiful recipe by our friend chef Peter Gordon.  Personally prawns are right up there on my list of favourites and especially in summer they are a great choice for entertaining.  Prawns (shrimp) and bacon make a great combination, especially if the bacon is smoked, slightly crisp when cooked and deliciously salty.

23rd June 2016

Ultimate chocolate layer cake

Every baker should have this recipe up their sleeve.  It’s a superbly rich and decadent cake which with a little imagination can be transformed into a limitless number of decadent creations fit for any occasion.  We tested this cake over and over again and tried one layered with freeze dried raspberry buttercream and topped it [...]

3rd May 2016

Mother’s Day Crumpets, vanilla labne and sour cherry tea

Everyone likes to claim that it’s not even worth eating a store bought crumpet after you have had a homemade one, but I beg to differ.  I’d say with a friendly slather of butter the bought ones on my deliciousness scale fear quite well. That said the homemade ones ones are comparatively out of this [...]

11th December 2015

White Sangria Ice Pop

Although for many of you the festive season is all about getting cosy, wrapping cool hands around a mug of hot toddy or possibly wrapping warm hands around a nice glass of red to offer it the same gesture.  Here in  New Zealand the long days are here,

10th November 2015

Taste of Auckland – It’s a wrap

I’m still on a high after a magic weekend at Taste of Auckland #TasteOfAuckland.  Our Fisher & Paykel Social Kitchen™ Theatre #fpsocialkitchen was a huge hit.  All weekend the theatre was full of conversation, laughter and attentive faces tuning in to learn tips and tricks from the amazing group of chefs and food bloggers who [...]

5th November 2015

Summer of YUM Ice Pop

Today is the day! The start of a delicious and sun filled weekend at Taste of Auckland #TasteOfAuckland.  Sara and I are fizzing with excitement about our ice pop demos in collaboration with Dr Feelgood at the Fisher & Paykel Social Kitchen™ Theatre.

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