Bakey Kate’s the name (well it is now thanks to fellow blogger Lauren) but not only do I love to bake, I love all things culinary. This passion started from a young age, mostly inspired by my Grandma and Grandad. I spent hours at my Grandma’s bench ‘helping’ her to ‘fill the tins’, and waiting for the illusive pavlova laden beater attachment to come my way. Grandad tended a huge vegetable garden on their farm which was the source of bounty for the most magnificent soups, roasts and his specialty – campfire baked potatoes. The potatoes were extra special because cooking them involved riding motorbikes out on the farm, building fires and coming home with that toasty, earthy campfire smell embedded in our clothes. These early beginnings led to my training as a chef and specializing in Patisserie.

25th October 2017

Spiced pumpkin tarte tatin

Rosie McLean is a final year student studying for a Bachelor of Culinary Arts at Otago Polytechnic. Rosie has her own blog where she indulges us in her weakness for all things sweet. As a special Halloween treat, Rosie popped in and cooked this amazing dish. I must admit that I personally ate four of [...]

16th October 2017

Figgy Christmas Fruit Mince

With only 10 weeks (!) until Christmas, we’re excited to share a guest post from The Epicurean Architect for this figgy Christmas fruit mince!  The fruit mince can be used immediately after making, but gets better as it ages – so find the time and get yours made now.  If you don’t use it all [...]

15th July 2017

Beef Meatball Pasta Bake

Dani our awesome intern from the food design institute in Dunedin spent a couple of weeks in our Auckland office cooking up a storm.  Now at she’s gone back down South we are really missing the flood of delicious treats!  

10th June 2017

Simon’s Limoncello cake

The third and final place-getting recipe from last year’s office bake-off comes from Simon, one of our senior engineers. A real foodie; Simon has previously shared with us his Schiacciata con l’uva, a traditional autumn bread made in Tuscany. For the bake-off he made this incredible

21st April 2017

anzac biscuit battle

A few weeks ago I sent out the call to my office comrades challenging them to submit their favourite ANZAC biscuit recipe to ignite a ‘battle of the bikkies’. The challenge also gave us all a good excuse to get together and share an afternoon tea to mark this significant national day of remembrance.

12th April 2017

Savoury Hot Cross Buns

Whether it’s chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, hot cross buns (both the fruity and the chocolate kind) there is no doubting that the average blood sugar level per capita is peaking during the Easter period.

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10th April 2017

Sichuan Tea-Smoked Duck and vegetables

For me there is a real excitement about being in an asian market where there are all kinds of incredible yet unidentifiable ingredients.  With the aid of a bit of google searching I quite often leave these markets with a handful of questionable yet quirky ingredients.  Over time the scope of ingredients in my culinary [...]

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18th March 2017

Day after green smoothie

St Patricks Day and all it’s green associations ironically leaves many keen celebrators feeling somewhat green tinged on March the 18th. 

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1st March 2017

Best ever pizza dough and sauce

During the development of our ovens we do a lot (seriously a lot) of cooking.  We try the tried and proven and experiment outside of the box and although the gastromomic world is an endless adventure in experimentation sometimes time honoured simplicity just can’t be beaten.

20th February 2017

Zucchini Loaf with Honey Mascarpone

For a long time I really hated Zucchini, served to me as a child… horrendously over cooked and soggy, adorning a plate of roast. Oh, the ways I would try and get around it; most notably by saving it for last, hiding it in my mouth then running it off to spit it in the toilet.

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5th January 2017


This is undoubtedly the most awesome scone recipe out there.  The cheese and buttermilk work together to make a scone that is super tasty and tender.

19th December 2016

Spatchcocked turkey on the grill

So we are but a week away from Christmas and if like me you invited your entire family for Christmas you might be looking for some clever ways to maximise your oven capacity for the big day.  

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