As a child I was always a picky little eater, to be honest I never really grew out of it until I was about 25. However I have always loved being in the kitchen, as a child I was right there by my mothers side watching, listening and learning. I must admit the big turning point in my diet was meeting my wife who is Japanese. This opened up a whole new world of food for me, and I’m not just talking about rolled sushi! Now food is the first thing I think of. So much so, that when picking locations for travel the first thought is what amazing foods can I eat, followed by what can I see and do.

There was a stage in me life when I did fancy myself as a bit of a chef, after high school I applied for both chef school (in beautiful Central Otago NZ) and Mechanical Engineering. In the end engineering won out, although now I work for Fisher & Paykel I can indulge in both my passion for design and cooking, funny how things have a way of working themselves out!

OK – so even at 34, I’m still a little picky about food but the challenges have become greater. At 6 years old it was Grandfather's mystery mince with hidden offal surprise (I just happened to be there one day when he was mincing the ingredients). Now it’s raw squid fermented in its own guts and raw chicken sashimi that I just can’t bring myself to stomach (next time I visit Japan I may have mustered enough courage - keep you posted).

1st January 2015

Cedar plank salmon on the grill

Firstly – Happy New Year! From myself and the team here at ‘Our Kitchen’. Hope the celebrations went well and your head is not too sore today. If you are feeling good and the sun is shining at your place then it’s time to get that grill out and share this great recipe with friends.

20th October 2014


As my seemingly endless journey of recreating and reinterpreting cuisine from others countries continues, I thought it was time I set my sites on the Canadian east coast and its great tradition of French inspired dishes.  

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21st September 2014

Salmon terrine with cucumber salsa

For me terrine is one of those dishes I just get a hankering for, not often, just when I feel like a little rich velvety treat. This recipe creates the perfect sized individual treat, filled with salmon, cream cheese and a generous helping of crème fraiche it will indeed wrap you in a velvety warmth.

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28th August 2014

Salted caramel ice cream

This is another post inspired by our experience at the recent food design conference held right here in Dunedin. Three days of foodie heaven, with lectures and workshops on all things culinary, what a treat.

22nd May 2014

Spicy lamb shanks with Quince

Every autumn around Easter time, I always feel the pull of home, the embrace of family and the welcome warmth of a roaring log fire.

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12th April 2014

Otara market

  Picture this – waking up at 6 in the morning, you pull back the curtains, outside it’s pour down with rain, wind gusting and oh by the way it’s the day you organised to go to the Otara market one of Auckland’s biggest outdoor markets. It’s not often us southerners make the trek from [...]

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28th March 2014

Fried sweet potato noodles

Here is my take on the traditional Korean noodle dish Japchae. It’s a beautifully light noodle dish with a wonderful sweet and salty flavour. The noodles are made from sweet potato starch which is a great alternative to the usually wheat or rice based noodle. The semi-transparent appearance and slightly chewy texture off the noodle [...]

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1st March 2014


March has come around awfully quickly and the whole team in Our Kitchen is in full swing with life moving faster than we would like it to some days.  Lauren has been in China for work and has been treated to some wonderful hospitality.

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18th February 2014

Tsukiji fish market

The alarm rings at 4:30 in the morning, feels like I only went to bed about 4 hours ago and that’s probably because I did. Bursting out of the hotel doors we are hit by the thick hot humid air of mid-summer in Tokyo city.

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4th February 2014

rolled salmon

This is a fantastic way to get a little variation in your BBQ line-up this summer. After you are completely and utterly over the usual steak and sausage offerings try this wee stunner. This is a great way to cook salmon and add a little smoky flavour too. Rolling the salmon in its skin protects [...]

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14th January 2014

Barbecued greek lamb

I have made this recipe a couple of times over the summer break, it always gets a great reception. The lemon and yogurt marinade really plays well against the richness of the lamb, making for a well-balanced dish.

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9th December 2013

Gingerbread Village

This Christmas post is inspired by an afternoon of fierce competition, in the lead up to last year’s celebrations. My wife and I were invited to a gingerbread bake-off, we really didn’t know what to expect as the invitation was very mysterious.

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