Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you I am the family member who is always doing something with food, whether it is eating or cooking, food is never far from my side. My fascination with food started from a young age, I think mainly because I was always hungry (and still am)! I remember always sneaking food, particularly biscuits, and I wouldn’t just take one either. I would be found behind the couch with the whole biscuit jar under my arm! My curiosity for food grew more when I travelled to Europe with my family. My ever hungry stomach lapped up all the delicious new foods I was surrounded with, and olives, stuffed vine leaves and Greek salads became a regular feature of my daily diet. My greater appreciation for food led to me studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Food Science. Here I learnt about the actual make up and properties of food and being heavily involved in sports, the nutritional side of what I was eating become increasingly important to me. It can be challenging to prepare food for trainings sometimes; it is easy to get stuck in a rut of eating banana after banana and tin after tin of creamed rice. I often run out of time to prepare snacks and my rumbling tummy can’t wait. So I am constantly on the look out for new meals and snacks that I can make for training, with the challenge of making them healthy, filling, quick but of course still tasty. When I have spare time I also love making food for others which is perfect for me as typically all get togethers with my family and friends are centered around food. Even if it isn’t a special occasion, thought is always put into, what we are going to eat, who is bringing what or which restaurant we are going to. I still consider myself very much a novice in the kitchen, still experimenting and trying new things when I can. Cooking is definitely something I am spending increasingly more and more time on, if only I had more spare time. So let’s get in the kitchen and get cracking!

28th February 2012

Custard fruit tarts

One of my fondest memories as a child is when my mum, sister and I would catch the bus to town and spend the day exploring the city. Usually we would take a packed lunch, but occasionally we were treated to lunch at the tea rooms, where we were allowed to pick a club sandwich [...]

13th January 2012

Orange and sesame salmon salad

After a somewhat indulgent Christmas period, the last thing I feel like doing is standing in the kitchen for hours slaving over a hot stove and the mere thought of sitting down to another oversized meal is just too much. So for a quick and light alternative, (and to help ease some of those guilty [...]

20th June 2011

Thai kumara & carrot soup

Not being the biggest fan of winter, I often struggle with the thought of the cold winter months ahead. But the one part of winter I do love is sitting down to a piping hot bowl of soup that warms you up from the inside out!

16th May 2011

Date, chocolate and almond dessert cake

Over Easter my friend Sera was raving about a cake her mum makes and offered to share the recipe for this divine cake with me! So on arriving back to work after Easter and checking my emails, I was very excited to find she had generously sent the recipe to me!

7th April 2011

Grilled vegetable stacks

Fresh vegetables are one of my favourite foods and I often get a bit over excited at the supermarket, coming home with an abundance of vegetables that in reality are way too much for two people to eat in a week! Nevertheless I generally manage to munch my way through the majority of them using recipes like this Vegetable Stack

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