I have always had a passion for cooking. I can’t exactly remember when it took hold whether it was my dad teaching me how to make scones, or the fact that my nana was an awesome baker or all of those crazy exploits in the kitchen with my childhood best friend. Somehow though, it got into my blood and as every good foodie knows once it gets there, it’s there to stay.

After finishing school I didn’t follow my mother’s persuasions to go to university, I rebelled and trained as a chef instead. It opened my life up to this colourful wild experience of tastes and people, which I am sure ironed out any residual innocence left from high school and trained my palate for life, gone was the uneducated desire to only eat well done steak. It was irresistibly tainting my mind, my mouth and most unfortunately my hands with more than just culinary fare.

Being that no amount of moisturiser was redeeming my hands and my mother was still whinging about university I gave in and went only to find that I have another obsession, chemistry. Long story short here I am at F&P combining the two testing all of our cooking appliances.

The kind of food you can expect from me will be predominantly classic, I love the classics, as it is reminiscent of my training and some of the experiences I had working under Jim Byars. I also (like most) follow the motto fresh is best and stick firmly to the philosophy you only get out what you put in. Recently I had to put myself on a diet that is restrictive to say the least and every now and again a little experimental recipe that adheres to it might slip through. Hopefully I can use this arena to figure out how to cook delicious food with the absence of refined sugar, particularly since I love pastry work.

26th February 2011

Spicy fresh chorizo

When floating round ideas for this month it was decided someone had to make sausage. It’s the ultimate Kiwi outdoor food and unfortunately not something us Kiwi’s do very well. Although lately there has been a vast improvement in our sausage dabblings we’re still not on par with the likes of Europe.

24th February 2011

Apricot chutney

Our good friend Dave the engineer helped out on this one not only providing delicious ripe central Otago apricots but also the recipe. I was in dire need of his help too as I tried to cheat with the first batch and used less than ripe apricots. What a mistake that was. The effect reminded [...]

24th December 2010

Slow roasted pork belly

I’ve probably mentioned before that I love slow roasting stuff. Not only is the meat spoon tender but it’s just that much tastier – I think in general the cuts you use to slow roast are more flavoursome. Plus I’m a sucker for easy and slow roasting is easy. So no surprises this Christmas season [...]

13th October 2010

Dairy free chocolate cake

The chocolate cake was something of an obsession for my mum at one stage. She was always trying to perfect it, continually moaning about how she could never get it moist enough.

5th October 2010

Tomato relish scones

Scones were the first thing I ever learnt to bake. I remember crowding over a large bowl with my older sister intently rubbing butter into flour and intermittently whinging about how sore my thumbs were.

30th September 2010

Steamed white chocolate pud with toffee sauce

This is my hot version of white chocolate mousse and brandy snap baskets. Ok so it’s not a mousse but it is white chocolate with raspberries strewn through it. And instead of being crunchy the toffee is liquid and gooey. I like to think of it as a play on textures but a carry over [...]

10th September 2010

White chocolate mousse and brandy snap baskets

White chocolate mousse has always been a firm favourite of mine – I generally make it at Christmas and serve it up with brandy snaps. Mousse and brandy snaps were not the first thing that came to mind when thinking of things to cook for this month’s theme, but I soon realised that a hot [...]

17th August 2010

Warm lamb salad

I love lamb served with lots of fresh greens. I guess that way you are taking full advantage of the iron it provides by serving an appropriate amount of vitamin C with it. So no surprise for the theme this month I chose to make a lamb salad.

17th August 2010

Vanilla creme brulee

The reason I settled on this dessert to complement my lamb recipe was because someone had made it for me a week prior. I forgot how a simple vanilla crème brulee can completely blow your socks off and selfishly I wanted to revel in that taste again.

3rd August 2010

Lamb, glorious lamb

For the last 130 years sheep farming has been one of the primary sources of income for little Aotearoa. Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand and literally translates to land of the long white cloud. Sheep husbandry obviously began to prevail with the arrival and settlement of pioneers to New Zealand’s shores and [...]

3rd August 2010

Garlic croutons

Croutons are a quick and easy addition to any good soup. Yet they provide such a lift of texture and buttery goodness that they become a mandatory addition to any good soup.

28th July 2010

Feel good chicken broth

This time last year saw me with the mother of all colds. I was miserable, snotty and high on paracetamol. Enter my heroic boyfriend with a pot of steaming broth – he scored some brownie points that day, that’s for sure.

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