My interest and aspirations for cooking have hugely increased since I started working on this blog. Photographing the amazing recipes has inspired me to get into the kitchen more and try a few new challenging dishes expanding my repertoire. I am a self-taught photographer and really like taking photos of food that make people hungry, food is so emotive.

I was originally really inspired to get into photography by the raw landscape images of New Zealand by photographers like Craig Potton and Andris Apse. I am now usually never more than an arms length away from a camera.

I have recently been getting into growing my own vegetables and am working on building a glasshouse for spring. I really enjoy the whole process from growing seedlings through to eating the results, and it just tastes so much better. I hope I can share some of my favourite recipes with you in the future.

Of course there are other benefits to being the photographer - those test recipes are never wasted!

8th December 2012

Maple and spice christmas cookies

Whichever part of the world you are in, if you celebrate Christmas then you are likely to have your own little traditions that you like to revisit each year. Growing up in my family we had a few traditions which we repeated each year. On Christmas morning we would line up at the hallway door [...]

31st October 2010

Trick or treat….

It’s hallowed eve today, the day when supposedly all the dead are allowed to roam free. Halloween’s origins hark back to a Celtic festival called Samhain. Legend has it Celtic folk would invite their relatives and friends’ spirits back home for festivities and to ward off the less-than-friendly ones guise themselves in masks and capes.

30th June 2010

Schiacciata con l’uva

This office is full of passionate people – car enthusiasts, extreme mountain bikers, hunter/gatherers, rock-climbers, artists, musicians – but one passion most of us have in common is for good food. Simon, one of our senior engineers, has taken this passion further than most – travelling to Italy, Australia and around New Zealand indulging in [...]

29th May 2010


While I haven’t had the opportunity to travel to Spain yet, it’s definitely near the top of my list ‘places in the world I have to make it to one day’. Andalusia in the southern region of Spain is where this recipe originates from – with its Mediterranean climate, history and great food, it sounds [...]

2nd November 2009


For me, spring has to be the most inspiring season, with all of the new plant growth and flowers around, and more interesting produce turning up in the farmers market, thoughts start to turn towards summer and sun. After spending the last few months reading about and watching fun summer things online in the northern [...]

21st October 2009

Glasshouse project – part one

After some good results in the vege garden last summer, we got a little hooked on growing our own vegetables. It’s good fun wandering around the garden after work checking on how things are progressing and being able to grab something straight out of the ground, give it a quick wash, chop and put it [...]

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