I take immense pleasure from food. Whether I am standing barefoot in the kitchen on a sunny Sunday morning blending herbs from the garden to make a quick pesto, planning a 3 course meal for a mid-winter dinner party, or standing over the stove surrounded by preserving jars, elbow deep in jam, I am happy.

My love of food has been fostered by many things. My Mum, who cooks the most delicious meals from a seemingly empty kitchen, is a constant source of inspiration and advice. I attribute my curiosity for all foods new and unusual to the time I spent in Asia as a teenager where chickens are bought live in the market, wrapped up in newspaper and tied up with a piece of string doubling as a handle. Where the most prized of fruits, the Durian, is banned from hotel rooms due to its pungent smell. And where the fish markets overwhelm the senses, boasting daily catches of almost unimaginable sizes, colours and textures.

For me food is constantly evolving. It adapts to the contents of your fridge or pantry, to the age or tastes of your guests, or most simply, with the seasons. Food can evoke a sense of nostalgia. It soothes and comforts, fuels and nourishes, surprises and satisfies. It brings us together.

More recently it is my vegetable garden and a new found passion for cooking fresh, seasonal, unprocessed food that inspires me. The process of selecting ingredients and experimenting with flavours, textures and colours that compliment each other is at once both challenging and rewarding. And when at last sitting down to eat, it is the company of good friends and family which is always the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

1st September 2017


I have read conflicting stories which suggest that Florentines were, as the name suggests, first made in Florence, and others which recount a tale whereby their invention took place in the kitchen of King Louis XIV’s to present to a party of Italian guests to his palace at Versailles.

5th May 2014

Pulled Pork with BBQ sauce & slaw

This recipe was a collective labour of love.  Very appropriate given that the people cooking it, that very morning were just newly engaged!  This groom-to-be proposed to his Aussie belle, then leap from bed in search of a good solid shoulder of pork like the good hunter-gatherer that he is.  Next thing we know he’s [...]

28th April 2014

Chocolate cake with raspberry, cream and ganache

I am sure to have made mention in the past as to my sentimental tendencies.  Whilst for the most part I can cleverly keep it under wraps, there are times where, despite my very best efforts it bubbles so close to the surface that I can’t help but let it spill over.  Like now.  And [...]

1st April 2014

Cyclone Luci, handmade butter and a very tall chocolate cake

Here on our wee island paradise we will shortly find ourselves prematurely plunged into darkness when we dutifully turn our clocks back an hour in the advent of daylight saving.  We know that for most of you this is a particularly unpleasant thought so in order to make light of the subject and to bolster [...]

20th March 2014

Coconut & mango chia seed pudding

This recipe sits somewhere in between a dessert and a breakfast.  It has a gelatinous texture similar to that of sago and is creamy like rice pudding, without all the sugar and fat.  What makes it even more wonderful is that it is very quick to prepare.

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11th March 2014

Bircher muesli with pear & ginger compote

Autumn is upon us in our wee corner of the world.  The dark edges ever closer as the early evenings give way to night.  The mornings carry a chill in the air so where once our bare feet trod the pavements, now socks and shoes cushion our footfall and warm our toes.

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28th February 2014

LSA crusted fish with Kale, broccoli & orange salad

Whilst there’s not a religious bone in my body, I have been unwittingly espousing the wonders of Fish Fridays!  Unbeknownst to me the religious significance of eating fish on Fridays runs deep. Eating fish on this day is a commemorative nod to the sacrifice of Jesus who gave his life (on a Friday) to redeem [...]

11th February 2014

Banana, almond butter & chocolate gluten-free muffins

These muffins are good, honest food for both the body and soul.  They are guaranteed to satisfy any sweet cravings that may plague you whilst simultaneously providing you with belly-filling healthy fats, protein, antioxidants, potassium and vitamin E.

30th January 2014

Teriyaki Chicken

This is one of those fantastic go-to recipes, perfect for the holiday season when lazy days are spent at the beach and little energy is left to think about or execute dinner plans! It is very quick and easy to prepare and served with rice and steamed veges makes a healthy meal, an ideal remedy [...]

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17th January 2014

Raspberry ice cream cake

This raspberry ice cream cake makes a pretty summer dessert and is delicious served accompanied with raspberry coulis.  It is recipe which is well suited to being adapted to whatever fruit you might have on hand, be it fresh or frozen.  You could make it using fresh peaches or pineapple, frozen blueberries or strawberries.

20th December 2013

Christmas Pudding with Vanilla Bean Custard

In August this year my boyfriends grandfather passed away.  He was a wonderful man who just 5 years ago had finished building his own octagonal house, the wood for which he milled himself, the pipes for which he ran.  One look around his home, perched high above a little-used train track, and you got a [...]

2nd December 2013

Sweet Chilli Sauce

It’s a grey old day here in Auckland.  The sky is a blanket of thick black cloud from which falls an endless stream of rain.  It’s not particularly summery weather but I don’t mind.  In fact I like it, it’s doing our garden wonders and anything that speeds up the ripening of the first of [...]

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