Bakey Kate’s the name (well it is now thanks to fellow blogger Lauren) but not only do I love to bake, I love all things culinary. This passion started from a young age, mostly inspired by my Grandma and Grandad. I spent hours at my Grandma’s bench ‘helping’ her to ‘fill the tins’, and waiting for the illusive pavlova laden beater attachment to come my way. Grandad tended a huge vegetable garden on their farm which was the source of bounty for the most magnificent soups, roasts and his specialty – campfire baked potatoes. The potatoes were extra special because cooking them involved riding motorbikes out on the farm, building fires and coming home with that toasty, earthy campfire smell embedded in our clothes. These early beginnings led to my training as a chef and specializing in Patisserie.

26th February 2015

Chocolate Cherry Rum Cake

If you want to drop a bomb on your dinner party.  This cake it totally nuclear.  The Engineers (our poor friends who we inflict our culinary experiments on) didn’t stop their thumbs up mutterings for days after this went out at afternoon tea.  The lovely Genevieve (one of our superstar product evaluators) and I have [...]

9th February 2015

Berry Good Dessert

Simply put this berry and white chocolate dessert is very, very good.  It’s super easy to make, beautiful and decadently delicious.   My mum can actually have the credit for this stunning little number after having sat up watching Food TV late one evening.  With an eye for a winner she duly noted down the [...]

27th January 2015


Sangria is my summertime ode to the red wine which I admit I have a little love affair with. On a cold winters night, I just love to snuggle up in front of the fire and slowly sip on a lovely glass of Pinot Noir and get lost in the flickering light.

16th December 2014

Christmas ham with mustard fruits

Ho Ho Ho,  Hoh yes, I have to admit that I’m really ready to get out of this office. Now that the sun has finally made an appearance, I feel my focus wavering –  leaning to the call of family, feasting and exciting summertime adventures ahead.  This year I’m heading to Wanaka for Christmas then [...]

8th December 2014

Sausage Rolls

What a marvelous year it has been in the culinary triumphs of my eldest daughter, Ada.  Her four years of culinary training in my kitchen have given her the confidence to be in my eyes certified to prepare some beautifully simple dishes without (much) assistance. Getting there has included many moments of hair-raising anguish, resulting in some Gordon [...]

23rd October 2014

The Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk Craze

Okay okay so there is a crazy buzz about this Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk in New Zealand so naturally here at Our Kitchen we were dead keen to try some.  Our friends in the Auckland office informed us that they had tried to purchase some of this ‘like no other’ delicious velvety chocolate milk [...]

1st October 2014


In the past most of my wonderful and colourful travels have been well anticipated, looking into the future plotting and planning the adventures ahead.  Bali, just a few weeks ago came flying at me after I had been pitched up one of life out of control curve balls. 

17th July 2014

Sick Day Chicken Soup

This story begins a couple of weeks ago when my youngest little pixie girl Sami came down with a hideous virus which literally lay her down flat and completely exhausted for an entire week.  I knew the virus must have been extreme because as any mother of a 20 month old child will know, as [...]

4th July 2014


Wow…the past couple of days have been a mind blowing experience for the team.  Dunedin has really put itself on the map by hosting what has turned out to be an incredible food design experience.  The good news is it’s not over yet, I’m actually about to skip out of the office and head back [...]

24th June 2014

You’re welcome. Anytime.

I love the way food brings people together.  Food connects people like nothing else while simultaneously warming the soul and nourishing the body.  Here at our Dunedin office when we have guests coming to visit we jump at the excuse to indulge and share our passion for food and cooking.

1st June 2014

Jordan’s Lunches

Jordan, one of our industrial designers, is that guy in the office who day after day busts out the most enviable lunches, full of delicious flavours and hearty nutrition.

16th May 2014

Chicken breast with mushroom and chestnut stuffing

Heading into the chillier days life as a chestnut would have to be pretty swell.  Happily nestled into a cosy little pod lined with silky fur with the protection of a magnitude of needle like spikes to ward off any hungry creatures.

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