Bakey Kate’s the name (well it is now thanks to fellow blogger Lauren) but not only do I love to bake, I love all things culinary. This passion started from a young age, mostly inspired by my Grandma and Grandad. I spent hours at my Grandma’s bench ‘helping’ her to ‘fill the tins’, and waiting for the illusive pavlova laden beater attachment to come my way. Grandad tended a huge vegetable garden on their farm which was the source of bounty for the most magnificent soups, roasts and his specialty – campfire baked potatoes. The potatoes were extra special because cooking them involved riding motorbikes out on the farm, building fires and coming home with that toasty, earthy campfire smell embedded in our clothes. These early beginnings led to my training as a chef and specializing in Patisserie.

8th April 2014

raw granola & coconut yoghurt berry bowl

On one of my recent trips to Auckland I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Auckland’s Little Bird Unbakery with fellow blogger Sara.   A haven of all things raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free not only did I feel perfectly satisfied after our lunch but I was astounded at the delicious flavours, and textures on offer. [...]

25th March 2014

Noodles of Asia

  Every time I visit our local Asian supermarket I am blown away by the sheer volume and range of noodles on offer.  Of course we usually buy the dried versions but increasingly I have noticed the variety of fresh noodles, wild stranded bags neatly stacked in the fridge – so cheap, tasty and with [...]

14th February 2014

Valentines Day Strawberry Cranachan

If it’s love you are looking for this Valentines Day there is nothing not to love about this beautiful Scottish dessert. Even if haggis isn’t your thing this wee lass is sure to hit the spot. Dunedin, our hometown, is the Edinburgh of the south.

1st February 2014

Praying for summer

Way down here in our neck of the woods, in our little south pacific paradise we have been waiting very patiently for something to come.  Like kids taking a peek from under the sheets trying to catch a glimpse of the mystical Mr Claus, each morning we peer out from behind the curtains and sample [...]

23rd January 2014

one delicious dressing two summer salads

This year my goal for my vege garden is to get a good grasp on sequential planting. Since I first decided to try my hand at growing my own veges my gardening ability has come along in leaps and bounds mostly through trial and error and lots of advice from all the friendly folk who have [...]

13th December 2013

chocolate port and prune christmas cake

I never liked Christmas cake when I was growing up.  The dense, dark and fruit laden block  just seemed like an insult to all other cakes with their smooth texture and softly whipped sweet and sticky toppings.  Then I went through the phase of pretending to like it (maybe that was during my teenage years [...]

19th November 2013

corn dogs and a root beer float

 When it comes to street food, portability is key.  With that said, the stick is king. Stick mounted food allows single handed refueling, in motion, with the bare minimum of waste.  A little mess is nothing to be shy about; it goes with the territory.  If any stray food particles, wayward condiments and lip smacking, chin [...]

14th November 2013

massaman lamb rump with all the trimmings

Spring lamb is such a wonderful and versatile introduction to the influx of colour and flavour that begins at this time of year.  I love roast lamb, and I think that the classic combination of lamb and mint can’t be beaten, so why change a good thing? 

23rd October 2013

chicken liver pate with blueberry balsamic jelly

I am absolutely definitely a pate lover from way back. I can eat it on toast for breakfast, in a sandwich for lunch or spread generously on a wafer thin cracker and wash it down with my Friday night super-sized glass of Pinot Noir.

1st October 2013

Sweet in savoury

A sweet element naturally lends quite distinctive tastes to savoury foods. The incomparable aroma of a sweet and sticky glaze caramelizing takes a smokey salty Christmas ham to another level, the sweet floral notes of a pineapple salsa adds freshness to fish and so on.

13th September 2013

Banana bread

A lazy Sunday is more of a dream than a reality in our house, Ada (3) and Sami (10 months) ensure that every Sunday is a wild ride of unpredictable hilarity, but in no uncertain terms does any form of decadent laziness come to mind. A long, intermittent breakfast,

31st July 2013

Pork Ramen

Students aren’t the only ones who need ramen to survive but sometimes a 30 cent packet of the instant version just doesn’t cut the mustard (or in this case the wasabi). Ramen is the Japanese pronunciation of Chinese Lo mein and these noodles have a long and rich history

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