As a child I was always a picky little eater, to be honest I never really grew out of it until I was about 25. However I have always loved being in the kitchen, as a child I was right there by my mothers side watching, listening and learning. I must admit the big turning point in my diet was meeting my wife who is Japanese. This opened up a whole new world of food for me, and I’m not just talking about rolled sushi! Now food is the first thing I think of. So much so, that when picking locations for travel the first thought is what amazing foods can I eat, followed by what can I see and do.

There was a stage in me life when I did fancy myself as a bit of a chef, after high school I applied for both chef school (in beautiful Central Otago NZ) and Mechanical Engineering. In the end engineering won out, although now I work for Fisher & Paykel I can indulge in both my passion for design and cooking, funny how things have a way of working themselves out!

OK – so even at 34, I’m still a little picky about food but the challenges have become greater. At 6 years old it was Grandfather's mystery mince with hidden offal surprise (I just happened to be there one day when he was mincing the ingredients). Now it’s raw squid fermented in its own guts and raw chicken sashimi that I just can’t bring myself to stomach (next time I visit Japan I may have mustered enough courage - keep you posted).

18th October 2013

banana and bacon bites

Here it is – well the miniature version – bite sized morsels, perfect for sharing with friends over a long leisurely brunch.  Banana, bacon and maple syrup are a classic sweet and savoury combination.  Enough said, short and sweet just like these little bites!

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6th September 2013

Baked Eggs

This has to be my ultimate Sunday morning ritual, and Saturday too, if I can muster the energy. A simple recipe with a big punchy tomato flavour, this is quick to make and fills you up ready for a big day of adventure.

9th August 2013

sausage and lentils

This is my kind of comfort food; food you can always turn to, that is easy to prepare, looks after itself and is satisfying to eat! And, with the added bonus of the whole meal being cooked in one pot it’s easy clean up too.

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10th July 2013

cao lau noodles

This is a great flavour packed dish that I enjoyed on a trip to Vietnam during last years Christmas holidays. Inspired by a cooking class that my wife and I attended in the little historic coastal trading port of Hoi An.

16th June 2013

Seed bread

I’ve got a real love affair with bread, have all my life. Our little farmers’ market down here in Dunedin has a bakery which produces the most beautifully textured bread with a crunchy outer crust - when Friday rolls around I am already excited about getting up early on Saturday morning just to secure my favourite [...]

14th May 2013

Apple shortcake

When it comes to desserts at Christmas, and yes there are usually multiple, this is the big one. I don’t remember a Christmas that has passed without Nana’s apple shortcake and the battle it incites.

23rd April 2013

Quince Tart

For retro month I’m going to take you way back in history, with a fruit that was possibly cultivated even before the apple. Famed for its floral perfume, amazing bright yellowy green colour and fluffy outer layer the quince is quite a treat if prepared in the right way.

16th March 2013

Cedar Plank Salmon

This recipe is inspired by a trip to the Christmas markets in Bonn, Germany last holiday season. As we walked around the market visiting little cottage like stalls wonderfully illuminated by strings of Christmas lights,

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27th December 2012

First stop Japan

I’m writing this post on a train as I leave the light-studded apartment blocks of Tokyo behind me, on my way north to Narita airport. I am also leaving with fond memories of food, family, pottery and footbal. 

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4th December 2012

Spiced BBQ Lamb

We are just coming into some warmer weather down here in New Zealand so it’s a perfect time to enjoy some fresh spring Lamb. So wake your barbeque from its winter slumber, give it a good dusting off and crank up the heat.

13th October 2012

Kofta Curry

We regularly have events based around food here at the office. Cooking demonstrations are one of the most popular events. Everyone gets involved, has fun and of course there is plenty of yummy food to share at the end of the evening!

16th September 2012

beer bread

On the back of the big success of our brewing competition here at work, where many keen home brewers put forward some amazing swills (some of which we will hear from in posts over the next few weeks).

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