My passion for cooking has really grown out of my love of eating – and boy do I love to eat! Food to me is pleasure; if it were just fuel we wouldn’t have taste buds. I am possibly the world’s messiest cook, but the results are (almost) always delicious, and I find it so enjoyable I can’t imagine a life without cooking.

Working at Fisher & Paykel as an industrial designer, I love gaining a deeper understanding for the science behind cooking. I am getting exposed to some incredibly talented people who share my passion for great food.

18th December 2013

Spice rubs

Christmas for me is synonymous with barbeques. After all, the 25th is usually far enough into the summer season that you can almost be guaranteed a hot, sunny day to spend cooking and eating outdoors. And if the day itself doesn’t deliver, you can always look forward to a few weeks of summer holiday ahead.

30th November 2013

Cookie ice-cream sandwiches

Those of us who were lucky enough to grow up in little old New Zealand will no doubt have fond memories of the Mr. Whippy truck winding its way through our suburban streets on a summery afternoon, playing its happy chimes, tempting children out onto the footpath to queue up for icy cold sweet treats.

22nd November 2013

Tacos two ways

The taco has to be the ultimate in street food.  A little flavour bomb that conveniently fits in the palm of one hand – fresh, hot, spicy, satisfying – and still leaves a hand free for a cold beer, or wild gesticulation, whilst swapping tall stories on a night out.

10th October 2013

venison with red wine chocolate sauce

This is a really simple recipe that doesn’t take a lot of time but you can plate it up and impress your guests with the intriguing combination of sweet and savoury. You are essentially deglazing the pan with red wine and port as you would to make a jus, but the addition of a sprinkling [...]

25th September 2013

French toast with berries and mascarpone

Monday – Friday without exception, my first conversation of the day is with the coffee machine. I’m just not a morning person. It is a struggle to make it into the office by 8am. Let’s just say I meet the challenge maybe one day out of ten, bleary eyed. Weekday breakfasts are often out of [...]

17th August 2013

Boston Baked Beans

We’re pretty used to baked beans here in New Zealand – the canned, sweet and swimming in tomato sauce variety. So often served up on hot buttered toast as a weekend lunch after kids’ sports, or a quick weeknight dinner.

25th July 2013

Miso Tofu Noodle Soup

Miso feels so nourishing and wholesome.  I love a cup when I have a sore tummy or am feeling a little low.  Its salty, rich flavour always perks me up.  This soup recipe is super easy and has become a regular weeknight meal for me.

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26th June 2013

Hand-cut oven chips

I’ve yet to meet a potato I haven’t liked. Agria, Yukon, Desiree, Nadine, Rua, Red Rascall, I love them all. Boiled, mashed, piled atop a Sheppard’s pie, in salads or particularly deep-fried. Potatoes, salt, oil, it never ceases to amaze me how three simple ingredients can produce so much joy!

22nd May 2013

Mark’s Thai Green Curry

The Fisher & Paykel family is spread far and wide across the globe, but there is one thing that ties us together…food really is at the centre of so much of what we do. In our Huntington Beach, California office, once a month a “One Ingredient” cooking competition is held, turning the staff kitchen into [...]

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6th May 2013

Pear upside-down cake

Growing up, we had a pear tree down at the bottom of the garden. It has had various swings tied to its low hanging branches over the years. A shady haven over the summer, as the weather cooled it would become weighed down with fruit, so much that if you got the swing going back [...]

21st February 2013

Steak Sammie

Lunch is my least favourite meal. Breakfast is an opportunity to be virtuous (weekday) or decadent (weekend); somehow I never strike a happy medium. Dinner can be dreamed of all day, and often affords us the luxury of time to lavish on flavours, techniques, presentation. But lunch. Man.

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18th January 2013

Peach Bellini

At this time of year in Dunedin the days are long – tonight the sun will not set until close to 9:30 – so there is plenty of time after work for entertaining. A little light and summery drink made with fresh peaches, this is the perfect thing to sip with friends while you watch [...]

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