It would be without exaggeration to make the statement that my life has grown to revolve around food. I don’t know where the obsession came from but I cracked on early in life that satisfying appetites was a way to make people happy.

I learned my culinary skills as a child by watching cooking shows; Graham Kerr was the first to captivate me. Once I had had enough of Graham and his bowls of pre-measured ingredients I moved onto Jaques Pèpin and Martin Yan. After leaving secondary school I trained then worked for the next 5 years as a chef. Although I loved (and do love) cooking, I have always been interested in the bigger picture- what are we eating and why are we eating it. Food represents an occasion; it’s related to memories and emotions. It’s the roasted prawn, pomello and fish roe betel leaves my sister’s boyfriend prepares when we go to Sydney (and probably why I love Sydney so much). It’s the pipi fritters that we make every year at the beach- the entire process; gathering, steaming, chopping, whisking, stirring, frying and finally eating them straight off the BBQ with lemon juice and black pepper or between 2 slices of fresh bread. They can be little bit gritty but secretly that’s how I like them. I love the fact that one simple food cooked with care and respect like Dad’s crispy potatoes can be just as memorable and magnificent as a complex meal with layers of flavours. I can always remember the food I was eating at a particular event in my life, I don’t know if that is astute or just completely obsessive.

After a day working in the kitchen, slogging through beef carpaccio canapés for hundreds of people, I decided that I needed more. I went to University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Nutrition. I am back to cooking in my spare time (and watching cooking shows) for the pleasure and immense satisfaction gained from all that is good in food.

19th December 2017

Banana, coconut and caramel pavlova

This recipe takes the classic pavlova and sends it to the Pacific Islands for a holiday. Fresh coconut shavings, banana and caramel sauce wrap around this pav’ like a lavalava

14th July 2016

Rhubarb and yoghurt nut pots

A few weeks ago Kate and I were lucky enough to be invited along to a Bauer media event where their expertise of the latest food trends were presented to us through our minds and our stomachs.  These trends were

28th April 2016

Beetroot bircher

My Dad has been harping  on for a while now about beets for breakfast; I think he considers it the secret to a long and healthy life.  There’s no doubt this funny-looking purple vegetable packs a punch in terms of nutrient density

29th January 2016

Crab cakes with herb salad

We have been back at work nearly one month and after a day in the office, my evenings are a balance of fresh air and spending a little time in the kitchen.  I say little because my weeknight dinners are always simple, they are colourful salads with the addition of seasonal fruit, a handful of nuts or seeds and chicken, venison or fish, flashed in a pan or on the [...]

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16th December 2015

Festive spiced nuts

After not writing a blog post for a while I want to say so much about 2015 it really all boils down to being content with the year I’ve had and excited for the year ahead.   Although I’ve been light on posts

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16th October 2015

Venison Pie

My husband is a hunter of deer and because I am consumer of venison I make sure I expose myself to the reality of killing for food.  I’ll be honest, each time he brings home a carcass, I consider whether my decision to eat meat is the right one for me.

23rd September 2015

Curried avocado and cauliflower

I’ve been on a sabbatical from contributing recipes to our blog.  Unlike Richie’s 2013 rugby sabbatical mine has been unintended…and with less effect on both the team and the nation.  With Richie giving the country a massive shoulder-ride at the moment, I shouldn’t really compare my situation to that of this great human, but I [...]

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13th November 2014

Steak with sauce Bourdelaise

I’ve probably mentioned before about my love for a well-cooked steak. My parents used it as bribery when I was young. I’d be a little angel for days before a BBQ in anticipation of eating steak. Then, on the day, I’d watch it get marinated (this was the late 80s to early 90s)

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28th October 2014

Caesar salad

I read a blog recently which commented that the Caesar salad is the poster food for dining mediocracy, every laminated A4 menu is likely to contain a substandard version and you can always add chicken for an extra $5

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11th July 2014

Gluten free carrot cake with cashew icing

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of gluten free and wheat free which has been a relatively easy change. I don’t necessarily feel that everyone should avoid gluten and wheat

26th May 2014

USA and Buffalo wings

Buffalo wings are on the menu of just about any casual American eatery and by the end of our 3 week American vacation I gave up trying to convince myself that I didn’t like them

19th May 2014

Chai & coconut milk ice cream

I’ve recently returned from a 3 week holiday in the mighty USA; during our jaunt I became obsessed with the ‘all American diners’ - those institutions that have been running forever, open all day and all night, serving bottomless cups of filter coffee

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