It would be without exaggeration to make the statement that my life has grown to revolve around food. I don’t know where the obsession came from but I cracked on early in life that satisfying appetites was a way to make people happy.

I learned my culinary skills as a child by watching cooking shows; Graham Kerr was the first to captivate me. Once I had had enough of Graham and his bowls of pre-measured ingredients I moved onto Jaques Pèpin and Martin Yan. After leaving secondary school I trained then worked for the next 5 years as a chef. Although I loved (and do love) cooking, I have always been interested in the bigger picture- what are we eating and why are we eating it. Food represents an occasion; it’s related to memories and emotions. It’s the roasted prawn, pomello and fish roe betel leaves my sister’s boyfriend prepares when we go to Sydney (and probably why I love Sydney so much). It’s the pipi fritters that we make every year at the beach- the entire process; gathering, steaming, chopping, whisking, stirring, frying and finally eating them straight off the BBQ with lemon juice and black pepper or between 2 slices of fresh bread. They can be little bit gritty but secretly that’s how I like them. I love the fact that one simple food cooked with care and respect like Dad’s crispy potatoes can be just as memorable and magnificent as a complex meal with layers of flavours. I can always remember the food I was eating at a particular event in my life, I don’t know if that is astute or just completely obsessive.

After a day working in the kitchen, slogging through beef carpaccio canapés for hundreds of people, I decided that I needed more. I went to University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Nutrition. I am back to cooking in my spare time (and watching cooking shows) for the pleasure and immense satisfaction gained from all that is good in food.

20th February 2014

Skewers – two ways

I’ve had fresh tuna twice this month; two rich doses of omega-3s mean a happy brain and heart.  There’s been mixed reviews on tuna in recent years; it’s a tricky debate

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20th January 2014

Avocado ice creams

I spent Saturday with three friends and we talked food. One had purchased a juicer and was giving us a run-down on her latest concoction – pineapple, lime and watermelon.  One had cut out dairy and eggs and was talking about a plant-based diet. And one was contemplating going vegan for a period of time [...]

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4th January 2014

Date and almond guilt-free slice

You’ve indulged a little too much at Christmas right?  Me too.  What I find is that you can’t go cold-turkey on the sugar, you still crave that sweet hit mid-morning or mid-afternoon.  This sweet treat is guilt-free and will trick your mind, leaving you sat-is-fied

28th December 2013

Cheap and cheerful kedgeree

This recipe is perfect for the days following Christmas – when the chaos is over and you need recipes that require minimal work.  I’m planning on making this on Boxing Day, hopefully with the bounty from a fishing trip

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28th November 2013

Pad Thai

I’ve been wanting to post pad Thai for a while but have been a little hesitant as it’s one of those foods that has history, tradition and with it a whole line of followers. It’s a bit of an institution and those who are true devotees are pretty staunch in their belief that you just [...]

4th November 2013

Spicy chicken wings with chipotle & lime sauce

The weather is warming up here in Aotearoa which means barbecue season is upon us. After 17 years barbecuing (taken from my thirteenth birthday where I was gifted my first barbecue) I’m looking for something different, interesting and a change

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1st November 2013

Street food

Street food is seasonal, specialised, speedy and as its name suggests, eaten on the street from a truck, a cart or a stall.  For you it could be an elderly lady hunched over a pot of hot oil, frying cheese empanadas in Quito, Ecuador.  Or maybe it’s juggling piping-hot arancini on the cobbled streets of [...]

29th October 2013

Fig & walnut (friendship) bread

A couple of months ago I was at a friend’s house when I noticed a bowl of batter sitting on their kitchen bench and on top, a single white A4 piece of paper titled ‘German Friendship Cake’. I was fascinated – was this the food equivalent of a chain letter?

28th September 2013

Pickled vegetables

This recipe comes under the ‘Lazy Sunday’ category because it’s the easiest pickling process ever. Take vegetables (peel and wash if necessary), stuff them in a jar then boil liquid and pour it into the jar

9th September 2013

Venison hot dogs

My husband has become a deer hunter and I’m not completely sure how I feel about it. Call me a hypocrite as although I don’t like the thought of a target over poor Bambi’s head, I love to eat its meat. Having a reputation as being strong and gamey

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25th August 2013

Easy fish, tomato and coconut stew

 I remember a version of this as a staff meal and at the time I thought it was so gourmet.  Looking at this recipe today, it may have lost its gourmet shine but it is however just as delicious and worthy of a blog post

13th August 2013

White sangria

I’m sure many of you have experienced the downside of a sunny, summer’s day party. A few drinks in the sun only to feel dehydrated, lacklustre and in need of a siesta just a few hours later. It’s not only the alcohol content in your drinks which does this to you but also the sugar

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