Plum sorbet
16th February 2011

Plum sorbet

By Emma Photography by Emma

Whilst the conditions outside (all grey skies and rain) are hardly conducive to the consumption of frozen desserts, it is summer here in the southern hemisphere and our fair city, infamous for her erratic weather patterns, could quite easily turn on the sunshine by the time afternoon rolls around. Should this occur you will find us melting under the heat of our fierce summer sun, sticky with sunscreen, longing for the sand between our toes, the salty sea on our skin.

This recipe has one ingredient.  Just one.  Plums.  Deep, dark, juicy Black Doris plums.  I considered the addition of lemon juice, and for a time sugar, however I think that what makes these plums so delicious is their particularly perfectly balanced ratio of sweet to tart.  Right now you are only one ingredient and a few ridiculously simple steps away from plum sorbet, a dessert which blushes a happy purple-pink and which works as the perfect cool-me-down on a summer afternoon, rain or shine.


Makes 1.5 litres
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  • 2 x 825g tins black doris plums


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  • 1. Place the plums and their juice into an airtight container and freeze overnight.
  • 2. Scoop the frozen plums and juice into a food processor and process until smooth. Return to the container and freeze again until firm.


      1. Perfect, so simple but delicious, they really don’t need another ingredient.

      2. what a delicious looking sorbet! yum!

      3. what an awesome recipe! i can’t wait to try this. saving it to my online cookbook, it will live there happily, next to my other 1 ingredient ice cream recipe using bananas.

      4. Sarah

        Please clarify plum preparation. Do you peel the plums? Halve them to remove pits? Blanch them? Thank you.

      5. Sara

        Hi Sarah,
        If the plums have stones you will need to remove these before freezing. Try to buy tinned plums which have been de-stoned so all you need to do is open the tin and empty the entire contents into a container for freezing.

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