Let’s celebrate!

Let’s celebrate!


Nothing beats getting together and breaking bread with your nearest and dearest.  Whether you’re serving a meal you’ve spent all day preparing, or simply throwing together a quick dish at the last minute, sharing home-cooked food is the best way to celebrate I can think of…

This year marked our first-ever ‘grown-up’ (read: no wild antics) New Year’s celebration for my best friend and me—we sent our boyfriends off on holiday and after spending the day relaxing, we cooked a gourmet meal for her parents and ourselves, drank great champagne and whiled away the hours discussing the state of the world, the state of our lives, and (of course) traded as much hot gossip as humanly possible.

Regardless of the occasion, dishes don’t need to be complicated to impress—a little extra effort with the presentation, or a great combination of flavours can create a really special evening. And what better way to enjoy a special occasion or celebrate life with your friends and family than by sitting around the table together with a home-cooked meal?

Most of the recipes this month can be made two ways—as finger food for mini treats, or as a more substantial dish for those special occasions celebrating love, life and family.