At home in a foreign land

As Our Kitchen’s marketing executive I was very excited to be asked to contribute a monthly theme idea and as a keen traveller “At home in a foreign land” seemed an obvious choice. I have always found while travelling that some places just seem to fit with me, I feel completely at home with the surroundings, the people, and most importantly the food. It really is a hard emotion to explain, how can you instantly feel at home in a place you never been before? But, when I brought up the theme at the blog meeting everyone seemed to understand where I was coming from.

For me these places include Florence Italy, Shangahi China & Madrid Spain. When arriving into these cities and spending a few days there it really seemed like a home, definitely a place where I could set up for a few years. There are also other places in the world that I have dreamt of visiting like Iceland, I already seem to have the same feeling, obviously I have absolutely no justification for feeling this way, but I guess that is the beauty of feelings.

The rest of the team has been inspired by travels to Melbourne, with the third largest Greek population in the world, Bangkok Thailand, Andalusia Spain, Rome Italy (in particular the stunning Spanish Steps) and Limerick Ireland. So please enjoy this month’s recipes as we take you around the world to our homes away from home.

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