Fisher & Paykel recipes

On the menu this month will be a selection of re-worked recipes from our very own (but sadly now out of print) Fisher & Paykel cooking guide.  The guide was originally developed to go alongside one of our premium ovens, with each recipe developed by the product evaluation team.  It is popular round these parts as each recipe has been thoroughly tested and tweaked; it is one of those great kitchen companions that has never once steered me wrong.

As is so often the case with cookbooks, it is the photos that date first.  Food styling, much like fashion and architecture, is constantly evolving and so it was with great excitement that the team took to some of our favourite dishes with a goal of bringing them into 2010.

Recipes too are not static.  Each time we create meals we find ourselves tweaking methods to suit lifestyles and circumstances, and we so often swap ingredients according to the season or a particular craving, but the testament to a great recipe is one that evolves with us, and while adapting to our whims, it still never fails.

And so this month the team brings you some great treats that we have re-worked and re-loved, enjoy!

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  1. Why don’t you scan the old cooking guide and make it available on the web for those who would like it but have been unable to purchase it in the past.

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