Soups, stews and breads

Like music, food is a powerful thing.  It can stir and rouse an audience and be so perfectly satisfying.  It need not be complicated, and in fact more often than not it is the dishes which are deceptively simple which elicit the most pleasure.  Soups, stews and breads, all in their own ways, do just this.  Often the most delicious soup might contain only a handful of ingredients. A stew cooked slowly over the course of a rainy winter afternoon will satiate even the most intense of hungers.  And bread fresh from the oven is unarguably one of life’s simple pleasures.

Here in the Southern hemisphere our winter has begun.  Our shortest day has not long past and with it comes frosty mornings and the most beautiful, crisp, clear days.  In the midst of these dark mornings and evenings instinctively we seek out warmth and comfort, two things we are sure our July recipes will provide in generous measures.