Outdoor cooking

Outdoor cooking


February is a warm month for us in little old Nu Zillund and after a couple of cyclones in January I hope we get some dry, still weather.�
But I am not going to ramble about the weather.  Rather I am going to muse over the many meanings of Outdoor Eating – this month’s theme.
Barbequing automatically comes to mind at the mention of outdoor eating but you don’t need a barbeque.  Something as simple as taking your dinner outside to eat could be just the ticket to stretch out summer a little further.

I will never forget when one of my friends came to stay with my family at our batch over summer and after 2 weeks asked if we could have something different (other than a barbeque) for dinner.  A deathly silence followed her request – there is no such alternative with my family and we were all puzzled with why she wouldn’t want to eat sausages, steak and salad every night.

Eating outdoors is also fish & chips on the beach, a picnic on a blanket, marshmellows toasted over a fire, ice cream on a park bench.

We have a collection of recipes this month that mean eating outdoors to us:  some cooked outdoors and others just recommended to eat outdoors.  It’s also Valentines Day on the 14th which may or may not mean anything to you but it’s a great excuse for the Our Kitchen team to make a couple of recipes which we think symbolise love.