Autumn is well and truly here.  The rain clouds have started to gather and afternoon turns quickly into dusk, then dusk to dark.  Streets are still, the air crisp, spotted at intervals by lamp light.  Chimneys exhale plumes of smoke and curtains are drawn tight against the cold.  Inside, kitchens are lit up, and food turns from cooling to comforting.  Potatoes, slow cooked meat, soups and puddings become staples over the cooler months and best eaten with a good glass of red by a flickering fire.

This month the Our Kitchen team serve you up the best of Autumn with recipes which typify the start of our cooler months.  Celeriac, pumpkin, potatoes, quince and feijoas are boiled, mashed, baked and slow cooked to perfection to help warm up the stretch of chilly evenings which lie before us.

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