Soups & winter warmers

As winter graces New Zealand with her presence, my thoughts are beginning to turn towards the mid-winter carnival here in Dunedin. By the time this month is up, the iconic festival will have been and gone, leaving lovely memories of being outside, but wrapped up warm, watching our community gather to celebrate this cold, bleak season. Our days now involve sitting by the fire, toasting marshmallows and enjoying good friends company. When we are feeling brave, a trip to the beach, to allow the biting winds to whip around us and watching the sea roll in, looking grey and menacing provides a surprisingly calming respite. All of these days are enjoyed while eating delicious, cheerful, heart warming food.

This month the Our Kitchen team bring you ‘Soups and Winter warmers’; with the hope of inspiring you to spend some time in the kitchen, pulling together to celebrate winter with us and enjoy the foods this season brings.