two today!

On this day two years ago, filled with equal measures of excitement and trepidation, we launched Our Kitchen.  We were (and mostly likely still are) a bunch of (mostly) amateur cooks, stylists, photographers and writers, all fuelled by an intense love for food, cooking, eating and drinking.

Emerging from humble beginnings our wee blog has grown at an astounding rate and has helped to foster and firmly cement a prospering culture of food here at Fisher & Paykel.  This culture excites and inspires not only the people we work with but it also proves to inspire us too as we forge on in our eternal culinary exploits.

Along with growth we have also experienced change, the most recent of which saw us go under the knife in an operation which proved more lengthy than anticipated but which saw us emerge all the better for it as we shed our old skin to reveal a more sophisticated, refined self.

And so, today we turn two and we celebrate our achievements and the support of all of you out there who keep coming back for seconds.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY “Our Kichen”!!
    Thank you for my fabulous saucepans, they arrived at work yesterday but I had a day off, so picked them up today…. a very Happy unBirthday Pressie to me… thank you all at Our Kitchen, a great site & to Fisher & Paykel too.
    (my large household appliances are all F&P, one loyal customer 🙂

  2. Good Morning Hope!
    Thank you so much for your birthday wishes! We are happy to hear that you have received your saucepans for your winning recipe for boeuf bourguignon!
    Enjoy cooking with them!

  3. Thanks Kris!
    And thank you for all your hard work and eternal patience through the re-design!

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