A mid-winter dinner party

This post ushers in our northern-most dinner party which was held here in Auckland. Whilst gathered round the dining table one of our guests, a lovely engineer by the name of Arry, offered to write the introduction to our wintry feast. Take it away Arry…..!

An ideal working place should be easy and friendly, resembling more of a hangout place than a place of endless labour. I am lucky enough to be working in such place. I got even luckier when the Blog Team invited me to their inaugural Mid-Winter Dinner Party.

I think a dinner party needs to get three vital ingredients right: the location, the people and the food. This dinner party certainly got them right. It was located in a beautiful, restored, late-Victorian style villa. Gorgeous stained glass, immaculate polished wooden floor and the wonderful Victorian ornaments were just some of the highlights of this grandeur location. The collection of people in the party was very fun-inducing, to say the least. I could not hide my happy smile throughout the night as the fun-filled stories kept coming endlessly.

The ever-wonderful hosts provided a quaint dining table which really highlighted the ever-wonderful food. Words honestly cannot describe the food that was served for us that night. Luckily, the amazing Blog Team has taken a few photos. The inaugural Mid-Winter Dinner Party has certainly nailed the last and the most important ingredient right!