One cold winter’s eve…

I don’t like the cold, but I am becoming a big fan of winter. I’m not one for snowboarding, skiing, cold ears or toes (or generally being outdoors at this time of year to be perfectly honest!), but I am a big fan of roaring fires, long knitted scarves, curling up on the couch with a good (cook) book, and most importantly eating.

When the conditions outdoors drive you in, my absolute favourite thing to do is fill the house with like-minded people, cook up a feast and stuff ourselves with the spoils of our labour.

So this month the Our Kitchen team have planned a couple of soirées in our respective spots in New Zealand’s milder North and wintry South, to celebrate among the many excuses we came up with, the winter solstice, the Dunedin lantern festival, our recent 2nd birthday, and of course our family, friends and colleagues who have given us so much support and love over the past couple of years.

We will take you through the whole process – from planning the menu, tips on timing and advance prep, some delicious canapés, mains and desserts. We hope this month we inspire you to open your home, get into your kitchen and create a successful evening for some of your special people.

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  1. I am glad I found your blog through 6Bittersweets! Photography is great and I am sure so are the recipes! I am looking forward to coming back here. Happy 2nd Birthday!

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