Office favourites – part 2

Food and cooking for me is about three fundamental things.  The first of these is the evolution of food.  The more I cook, the more I learn and develop my skills and techniques, which in turn means that the food I cook evolves.  Secondly I find that cooking is incredibly meditative, my mind clears of all thoughts as I become totally focussed on the task in front of me.  And lastly, food is about people.  It is about doing something for someone else, nourishing and satisfying and providing an experience.  Gathering together good people, sharing good food and having lots of fun in the process.

This month’s theme is a celebration of the latter of these three things; people.  We let our fellow F&P colleagues take centre stage by sharing with us, and you, their favourite recipes.  We were encouraged by the range of recipes we received and by the interest this wee endeavour aroused here in the office.  We hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as we have.


  1. Hi there. What is that picture of the oat looking cakes in the center of the office favorites collage of pictures? is there a recipe? thanks!

  2. Hi Jill,
    The wee loaves are oaty brown bread which is a recipe our Irish engineer Aidan shared with us. This recipe will go up tomorrow so you won’t have to wait long at all!
    Happy baking,

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