Auckland Homeshow 2011

Last week was a big one.  It had been months in the making and last Wednesday when the doors to the Auckland Homeshow finally opened, we revealed our latest dining experience, Yum.  The stand was suggestive of a Kiwi bach.  A sustainable deck stretched out beyond the kitchen displaying our premium products and beyond this, partially obscured by a wall of palm trees, was our Yum dining room.  A communal table, set with our latest Fisher & Paykel newspaper, drew people in, encouraging communication and interaction.  Primarily however this area served as a venue for a series of cooking demonstrations which ran throughout the course of the five day show.  We featured Main Course Cooking School, Sachie from Sachie’s Kitchen, Peter Blakeway, Nadia Lim and Des Harris (from Clooney) as well as a few of us from the blog team.

The demonstrations were a huge success and reached capacity every session.  The food cooked was consistently well presented and deliciously fresh and tasty.  We loved being able to share the blog with equally passionate foodies and to also learn with them as we watched in on the demo’s put on by our fantastic chefs.  A huge thank you to everyone involved, it was a great week!


  1. Hi Nieves,
    They are called sushi cakes (I am sure they have a far more interesting Japanese name however!). You press wee pieces of salmon into tiny muffin molds and then fill them with sushi rice (with some chopped up sushi ginger and black and white sesame seeds). The wee pink pearls on top are salmon roe. They were delicious!
    Happy cooking!

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