Yum Cha

Yum Cha is always a feast for the senses; a perfect way to be adventurous.  The concept of eating lots of little dishes, tasting a variety of flavours and textures definitely appeals.  And as the trolleys are whipped past you one after another there is no time to agonise over the decision – just grab one of everything and give them a try!

Over the next few weeks we have recipes for dumplings, sui mai and steamed pork with black beans, spring onion pancakes and Chinese tea eggs, sweet little mango puddings and fortune cookies!  We hope we can inspire you to create your own little yum cha feast at home.  It is true that filling and folding petite parcels of dumplings and buns can be a touch labour intensive, but these are the sorts of recipes that are perfect for making with family or friends.  Get a little production line going and it really is true to say that many hands make light work, and full tummies this month!