Mid-winter christmas

Here at the end of the earth it feels as though the rain will never stop.  It falls in sheets, it blows sideways, it floats down to the earth in a hazy sun shower and it bounces off wet asphalt, little balls of ice gathering in pretty white piles which melt quickly into muddy pools.  It is winter, the skies are grey, the days short and infinite numbers of chimneys billow infinite plumes of white grey smoke into the chilly night air.  When cabin fever sets in, creativity must prevail.  Start a project, dig up the old photos you’ve been meaning to archive, pick up the gloves you started knitting last winter, or throw an elaborate mid-winter Christmas dinner of magnificent proportions.

Over the next four weeks we present to you a selection of recipes which we hope will provide you with enough inspiration and creative fodder to begin planning a mid-winter Christmas feast.  We suggest you go all out, stuff the turkey, dust off the fairy lights, decorate the table and hang some mistletoe!  However if planning such an evening feels more like hard work than fun, don’t give in, simply host a pot luck dinner, throw up some decorations and have some mid-winter fun!

So merry mid-winter Christmas!  The shortest day is now behind us, summer is on its way!