Whilst the team here at Our Kitchen are by no means vegetarians, we do all however appreciate the importance of moderation when it comes to meal times…..most of the time anyway!  So this month we bring you a selection of vegetarian recipes.  Whilst we know they will be well loved by our vegetarian readers, we also suspect that even the most carnivorous of you will find that these recipes appeal.  After all, who can resist a steaming hot bowl of dhal accompanied by delicate chickpea flour pancakes, or vegetarian burgers piled high with crunchy lettuce, mustard and cheese?


  1. Hi Emma,
    I’ve become a vegetarian since I moved to Brighton. Although, I’m starting to miss the cafe Friday steak a bit =P
    Looking forward to the veggie posts!

  2. Arry!
    What a lovely surprise and how fortuitous now that you’ve become a vegetarian we have a month worth of vegetarian recipes for you to enjoy! Let us know if you do make any of them and what you think. Thanks for reading all the way over there in Brighton. I hope all is well.
    Hi from all the F&P crew.
    Emma xx

  3. Thanks Emma!
    I am not actually technically a vegetarian per se. I’m fully veggie when I’m in the UK, but I eat whatever when I travel outside the UK to experience overseas cuisine.
    I’m sure the veggie recipes will be fantastic.
    Hi to everyone else in F&P too! Hope you’re all keeping well =)
    Arry xx

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