BBQ’s and the impending arrival of summer

Summer is teasing us down here at the bottom of the earth.  She sends sunshine beating down upon pallid wintry skin, warming fingers and toes still frozen from ice-laced southerlies.  Bodies unfurl and unwrap and greedily soak up her radiant heat before retreating once again as sun turns to rain and balmy daytime highs turn to overnight frosts.

Saturday was hot and summery and we walked across the soft grass and down the beach to settle in the sun at the foot of North Head.  The boys cast fishing rods far out into the clear blue water and I stripped off and warmed my skin before gingerly easing my way into the first swim of the season.  Monday brought rain.

Although still a month away from summer we have faith that the sun will continue to break through the rain clouds bringing with it lazy sun-soaked afternoons, the happy chatter of neighbours and the clanking of tongs against BBQ grills.  May these recipes inspire your al fresco dining anew.

This is the last introduction I will write in a while.  This is my second to last day at work before I start maternity leave, beginning a completely new and exciting job as a new Mum!  Unable to divorce myself completely from the blog I have toiled in the kitchen more recently of late so that my recipes can continue to be posted in my absence from work.  And so I wish you all, dear readers, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May it bring with it everything you wish for as I know it will to us as we celebrate our first Christmas and New Year together as a brand new little family!


  1. Hi Pip!
    Thanks for your lovely message and the well wishes – a very exciting few months ahead =)
    I hope all is well with you on your new little ‘farm’ up north!
    Have a lovely summer,

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