Working lunches

I love lunchtimes at work; the hustle and bustle of hungry people darting around our small but well-equip kitchen. It seems as though every small appliance is going and every person is talking at once. We eventually squeeze around a table and talk to each other about what happened in the weekend, what we saw in the news and occasionally what’s new in celebrity-related gossip! Occasionally to finish, someone pulls out baking from the night before or some chocolate they’ve had stashed in their bag and everyone squeals with delight.

Most of the time, lunch for me is leftovers which is perfectly satisfactory as I’m nearly as much of a fan of leftovers as I am of muesli. A well-balanced meal of leftover meat and salad or vegetables can take me right through to the mid-afternoon. But when the cupboards are bare (or I’m being lazy) and I throw together tomato on toast or microwave scrambled eggs I’m often unsatisfied and on the lookout for an afternoon pick-me-up of the sugar-laden kind. It’s all about being prepared – and in my house that means making a little extra for dinner and then quickly hiding it away so we don’t demolish everything.

These lunchtime recipes wont take you hours to prepare the night before; this month is all about quick, simple and delicious meals that can be easily taken from your home to your workplace. Enjoy!