Our new baby

My job as a product evaluator is to stand in the shoes of our customers and test the ability and usability of our cooking products. Our latest built-in oven was tested vigorously as a complete unit and for the performance of each part. Our standard tests were repeated over and over to ensure that everything was just as we wanted it to be. We fattened up the engineering team with our precisely measured and graded cooking test treats. Another scone boys? Roast chicken for lunch…. again?

We threw the odd curveball, just to keep it interesting and really learnt a lot about the product we had created. We didn’t want to give our customers an oven that cooks everything using automatic cooking programs, we want our customers to understand what the oven is doing on each function so they’ll know exactly what to do to get perfect results as they explore and create their own culinary experiences.

The recipes we are featuring on Our Kitchen in June are a selection of the collection I developed especially for this new oven. My idea behind them was to help our customers get to know their oven, so that they would branch out and use more than just the ‘bake’ function. Adam and I had a wonderful time working on this project, right up until the day before my daughter Sami was born! Thanks for all your patience Adam, and thanks Sami for helping me burn off all the extra calories I consumed!

I have made some minor adjustments to the recipes so they can be made in any oven, as we think they are so delicious that we want all our Our Kitchen friends to be able to enjoy them.


  1. Im soo excited about this month im sharing it on Facebook … ive seen how hard you worked Kate at developing and testing the recipes that Im glad you get to share them with people who can appreciate yummy food and these recipes are it ..
    (excited fan of your work) hehe

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