One pot wonders

This morning a blanket of thick fluffy grey cloud hangs over the city.  The neighbours avocado tree, heavy with fruit, is buffeted in the wind and the leaves on our passionfruit vine nod in time.  It’s chilly outside, and it’s no wonder, it is winter after all.  So in defiance of the cold we’re wrapped up warm.  Woolen jumpers and thick socks which warm our toes and help us to skate across the lino on the kitchen floor like ice-skaters on a frozen lake.

Today is a day fit for a meal served steaming from a heavy pot straight into generously proportioned bowls.  Hearty winter fare to sate ones hunger, warm ones hands and stave off the winter blues.  And so, August is our month to share with you our recipes for One Pot Wonders.  Good old fashioned comfort food (and a tasty tipple!) at its best!


  1. I look forward to your One Pot Wonders. I’ve been using a slow cooker for the first time and I can see what the fuss is about. I’ve ditched my dutch oven for the meantime but might be time to return to it soon.

  2. Hi Genie,
    Thanks for your message. We were recently given a slow cooker so I too am learning what all the fuss is about! I hope you can employ it in the creation of one of our recipes this month.
    Have a great weekend,

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