Lazy Sunday’s

This month the OurKitchen team are bringing you ‘Lazy Sunday’s’. We have carefully selected those recipes, which for us, epitomise a lazy Sunday. From French toast to pickled vegetables and a whole heap of deliciousness in-between; we are looking forward to sharing them with you in the coming weeks.

Are you a lazy Sunday person? A quick scoot around the office when prompted with the words Lazy Sunday, shows that for the most part it means the same to the majority of people. Everyone who divulged their idea of a Lazy Sunday seemed to go into a Zen like state, with a little smile on their face – reminiscing about good times past; A lie in, a delicious brunch, the Sunday paper and coffee seemed to start the day off. People then tended to split into two groups – those who spent the day in their PJ’s – who wanted to spend the rest of the day on the couch, or those who got up and went for a beach walk. Everyone then seemed to come together for the later afternoon, the results were so similar – baking, catching up with family (in person or over the phone) and making sure the bed sheets are fresh…. before remembering that the day that follows Sunday is Monday. Groan.

For those of us who have a working week that is pretty hectic, that sweet feeling on a Friday can’t come soon enough.
For me, that means (hopefully) doing ‘nothing’.
Of course, ‘nothing’ means cleaning the house on the Friday night, and getting up at a respectable time on Saturday (I never need to worry about that, thanks to the 5.30am alarm clock which shouts ‘mamma out’). We normally head off to the farmers market for breakfast, before trying to get the rest of the boring chores done on a Saturday so Sunday really is a day of rest.

Sundays are my day and oh how I savour them. I get to lie in –which means the day can only get better. We try and make Sunday’s fun days – swimming and maybe out for lunch. The afternoon consists normally of baking with my small girl – we make scones and bread ready for the week ahead and before I know it, it is Sunday night and yet another weekend is almost over. What is your idea of a lazy Sunday? Are you a couch person, or are you in the get-up-and-go type?