A very merry christmas!

Last Christmas our son was four weeks old.  As we gathered around the Christmas tree to unwrap presents he lay sleeping, swaddled in muslin in his Moses basket oblivious to the sound of happy chatter and rustling paper.  This year, 11 months on, he has begun to twig on to the magic of Christmas.  To the Christmas lights which sparkle in shop windows, the brightly coloured gifts lying in wait under the tree and the festive carols to which he dances, his little legs springing in time to the music.

Over the past few weeks I have found myself reflecting on the things that made Christmas special for me as a child, the things which became tradition in our family.  Christmas begins, and always has done, with a simple breakfast of croissants and fresh fruit, most notably cherries, and an obligatory glass or two of bubbles.  Gift-giving follows, it’s format unwavering as family members take turns donning the Santa hat and dishing out gifts with a merry ‘ho ho ho’!  My boyfriend fondly speaks of his mum’s elaborate Christmas fare, of the time and love she pours into Christmas lunch.  And with a dreamy look in his eye he also made mention of the slumber that follows said lunch, induced in part by the meal but mostly, I suspect, from an over-indulgence in beer consumed in conjunction with it!

The traditions I hold dear to me I love with a childlike innocence.  This said, I am excited to share these traditions, give or take a few, with our little boy whilst also beginning new traditions of our own as a family.

A very Merry Christmas to all our dear readers.  May you enjoy the traditions you hold dear to you this Christmas surrounded by great food, music and the very best of company.  May 2014 overflow with happiness, health and love.


  1. Beautiful words! I love hearing about Christmas traditions. For as long as I can remember Christmas Breakfast at our house has always been the freshest, fluffiest panettone – toasted with lashings of fast-melting butter and matched with champagne. I very much look forward to your recipes this month!

  2. Thanks so much Alisha. It is equally as lovely to hear what other people traditionally do on Christmas day – your panettone with butter sounds delicious!
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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