Happy New Year!

Right now, the Our Kitchen team are scattered in various directions – feet up, drink in hand, soaking up the sun, our minds wandering a long way from product development (we hope!).

Other than Kate, who managed to turn us all green with envy with her family holiday to Thailand, we are all holidaying in New Zealand this year, enjoying all the spoils of a kiwi summer. The kitchen tends to move outdoors at this time of year. The BBQ (grill) takes her number one spot as the tool of choice for the evening (and often midday) meal. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing with you a selection of summer inspired recipes that are perfect for searing and sizzling, along with a couple of icy cool sweet treats to cool your palette.

Happy New year everyone and here’s to another year full of fabulous food!


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  1. Great-looking summer recipes. I will especially be looking forward to the mini chocolate-dipped ice cream sticks! Greetings from Welly. 🙂

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