Praying for summer

Way down here in our neck of the woods, in our little south pacific paradise we have been waiting very patiently for something to come.  Like kids taking a peek from under the sheets trying to catch a glimpse of the mystical Mr Claus, each morning we peer out from behind the curtains and sample the days offering hoping that a change may have arrived. Summer you have been so elusive this year, your absence has played havoc with us.Sandals have not made their yearly appearance at the front of the shoe rack, instead gumboots and umbrellas have been the accessories of choice.

February we are relying on you to be the game changer!  It’s time to go to the beach, cook outdoors and celebrate the bounty of summer in salad bowls placed on outdoor tables bathed in sunshine.

For February in Our Kitchen we have prepared a range of delicious, light and summery dishes in anticipation of a real month of summer.  We have lots of wonderful fish recipes have been inspired by Kurt’s travels to Japan and the amazing tales he has shared of his experiences at the Tsukiji fish market.  Emma has a fantastic recipe to keep on hand with her delicious gluten free muffin recipe, while Jess is making the most of the influx of beautiful zucchini (lucky they like a good watering!) with a super simple salad.  For Valentine’s Day I have a special treat full of deliciously sweet raspberries and a shot of Drambuie for courage.  Enjoy, and please pray for sun!