March has come around awfully quickly and the whole team in Our Kitchen is in full swing with life moving faster than we would like it to some days.  Lauren has been in China for work and has been treated to some wonderful hospitality.  She has tried some amazing and delicious new foods, as well as a few unidentifiable ones!  She has admitted however that she really missed a glass of wine with her dinner!  Despite plenty of the local beer (Tsingsao) on offer it was the variety of hot juices ordered up by the hosts in which she found a delightful alternative to that glass of wine.  Walnut juice was Laurens hot favourite and so she has been busy perfecting her version of this brew to share with you this month.


Emma has been taking advantage of the season with a constantly ticking pot of delicious stewed fruit; the conundrum has been what to serve it with. As a result breakfasts at her place have become somewhat of an elaborate affair, porridge, bircher muesli, chia seed pudding, millet, quinoa.  The possibilities are endless!  Chia seeding pudding her current favourite and this month she shares a dangerously delicious combo of mango and coconut.


This time of year is all about eating with friends and eating outdoors; this is where Sara found inspiration for her prawn cocktails.  Sara says that ‘during these warmer months, I am choosing recipes which allow us to relax and spend time with people I have over, not trapped in my kitchen.  This is about finding the right balance of food that you can prepare earlier (like my green dressing) and fresh food that requires just a flash in the pan (like king prawns)’.


I walked into our local Asian supermarket and was once again blown away by the unbelievable variety of noodles on offer.  I decided to do some reading and will share with you my noodle lowdown.  Turns out they make a delicious meal as well as a very interesting read.


Kurt got sick of all my waffling about noodles and decided we had better eat some quick smart.  He cranked out a super tasty and very speedy dish using noodles made from sweet potato.  Delicious.


Finally I have also shared with you my chow chow recipe.  Alas the slightly less than ideal summer has resulted in a very large number of green tomatoes in my glasshouse.  While I haven’t given up hope just yet, I do think this delicious completely foolproof recipe comes a pretty close second to a beautiful vine ripened tomato. 


So from the team at our kitchen we hope you have a great month. Happy cooking, and happier eating!