Cyclone Luci, handmade butter and a very tall chocolate cake

Here on our wee island paradise we will shortly find ourselves prematurely plunged into darkness when we dutifully turn our clocks back an hour in the advent of daylight saving.  We know that for most of you this is a particularly unpleasant thought so in order to make light of the subject and to bolster the mental health of our nation we have done our best to bring you a selection of recipes which are bound to beat the dreary winter blues!

There’s nothing quite like home baking to lift ones mood so dust off the cake tins and roll out the baking paper as we share with you recipes for deliciously moist olive oil cake, delectably decadent chocolate cake and, as a nod in the direction of ANZAC day, the perennially popular ANZAC biscuit.  We promise to bring you the best recipe for this Kiwi favourite as judged by the Product Development team down in Dunedin!

Kate whips up a berry bowl with raw granola and coconut yoghurt while Jess has been toiling away experimenting with handmade butters – so keep reading this month to find out which three she has perfected to share with you all.

And if all that isn’t enough we have Kurt’s tales of Cyclone Luci at large at the Otara Market and stories of love, an engagement and the 8 hour slow cook pulled pork feast that ensued!




  1. Sounds wonderful – I’m particularly excited about the coconut yogurt, Anzac recipe…. although I’m not sure it can beat my grandmother’s classic!

  2. Hi Alisha,

    The coconut yoghurt was such a fun experiment a true testament to the power of probiotics! As for the Anzac biscuit our competition is taking place next week. Would you like to submit your recipe and see if your grandmothers recipe can beat out our engineering team?

    All the best,


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