Otara market


Picture this – waking up at 6 in the morning, you pull back the curtains, outside it’s pour down with rain, wind gusting and oh by the way it’s the day you organised to go to the Otara market one of Auckland’s biggest outdoor markets. It’s not often us southerners make the trek from our home in Dunedin to the big smoke of Auckland, but when we do we always seem to bring the weather with us, well that’s what people there would have us believe. This time, however we were complete innocent, it was cyclone Luci sweeping in from the north that was coursing all the mayhem.

Even with the forecasted weather a few brave stallholders made it to the market, with their amasingly fresh produce. It was great to see lots of fresh vegetables that we don’t usually get on our market shelves in Dunedin. All sorts of eggplant varieties, bitter melon, big juicy tomatoes and loads of fresh chilies all beautifully presented. It was totally worth donning jackets, gritting teeth and heading out for a look.


 A big thanks to Jennifer for taking us to the market and being so prepared with umbrellas, for us all. Special thanks for hold the umbrella while I was taking photos for this post – cheers Jennifer