Paul Mounsey is the Global Cooking Experience Manager for Fisher and Paykel Appliances

Paul Mounsey is a professional chef who has been in the hospitality sector for some 25 years. In the past 5 years Paul has worked exclusively with appliance brands bringing cooking knowledge into the home via 1000’s of live cooking demonstrations, tutorials and classes throughout the globe.

Having started his career at 16 working as an apprentice Pastry Cook, Paul then moved to restaurants and specifically French establishments to hone his skills and understand classic technique, from there Paul moved to the world of private cooking to further understand what it is people like to cook and learn at home.

Paul also started an on-line cooking data base for Combi Steam ovens and has published a book on the topic.

Classic technique and understanding of how different cooking methods and ingredients react to those methods is at the heart of everything Paul does. “Cooking can be simple if you follow some simple principles, time, temperature and patience are keys and most importantly understanding that colour equals flavour”.

Paul’s passion has now out grown just food and cooking and his true calling lies in the ability to translate, communicate and simplify cooking for new and experienced home cooks. He also works closely with engineering and product development teams to assist in the design and functionality of new appliances. With a passion for the environment and sustainability Paul is also a key part of the thinking behind how our kitchens, showrooms and functions can be more sustainable in the future.

Paul proudly represents Fisher and Paykel Appliances and is currently assisting in designing customer focused cooking experiences so that Fisher and Paykel can truly be the most human centred brand globally.