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Black & White

This month we bring you black & white, a celebration of the Rugby World Cup, and more importantly a celebration of our boys in black.  We decided to get a little bit inventive and experiment with colours and flavours, with…

A month for the Blokes

This year little NZ is playing host to the Rugby World Cup which has inspired this month’s theme of Blokes Food. In less than one week we are going to be bombarded with a movement of potentially over-zealous and certainly hugely passionate rugby fans. Auckland is looking prettier than ever and I have been declaring my new-found lust for this city to anyone who will listen.

A mid-winter dinner party

This post ushers in our northern-most dinner party which was held here in Auckland. Whilst gathered round the dining table one of our guests, a lovely engineer by the name of Arry, offered to write the introduction to our wintry…

two today!

On this day two years ago, filled with equal measures of excitement and trepidation, we launched Our Kitchen.  We were (and mostly likely still are) a bunch of (mostly) amateur cooks, stylists, photographers and writers, all fuelled by an intense…

Soups & winter warmers

As winter graces New Zealand with her presence, my thoughts are beginning to turn towards the mid-winter carnival here in Dunedin. By the time this month is up, the iconic festival will have been and gone, leaving lovely memories of…


Autumn is well and truly here.  The rain clouds have started to gather and afternoon turns quickly into dusk, then dusk to dark.  Streets are still, the air crisp, spotted at intervals by lamp light.  Chimneys exhale plumes of smoke…

Healthy eating

Long before studying Nutrition at university, I have been interested in the properties of food. So it’s with this passion that I am writing the intro to this month’s theme: Healthy Eating.

Cooking with kids

Cooking can capture the attention of even the youngest of children.  Some of my first memories revolve around baking with my Dad.  I can vividly remember sitting high up on the kitchen bench giddy at the prospect of being able…

Outdoor cooking

February is a warm month for us in little old Nu Zillund and after a couple of cyclones in January I hope we get some dry, still weather.� But I am not going to ramble about the weather.

A healthy start to a new year

Happy New Year readers! Welcome to 2012; a year full of possibilities. If the end of ‘11’ was gluttony and sloth, the beginning of ‘12’ should be a little bit of pride and vanity. Taketh away the turkey with all ye trimmings and dessert after each meal and in its place layeth fruit, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. This month’s recipes will detoxify and cleanse; transform your body into a temple and prepare your mind for new beginnings