Ingredient Fish & Seafood

Seared scallops with chilli, parsley & tempura onion rings

Yesterday I told of my unpleasant and embarrassing encounter with a raw scallop Today I am just going to tell you to how lucky we are to live in New Zealand as no matter where we live, we are no more that a hop, skip and a jump to the sea. After visiting a bit more of the world and meeting folks from Europe, Asia and America

Baked salmon and roasted vege frittata

There are two things I love about Friday mornings here in the office: they mark the end of another working week and morning tea with the ladies in the office. So when it came to my turn to provide something…

Squid and udon noodle salad

My friend Lou made this salad for my birthday BBQ a couple of months ago. Lou is a naturopath and only too happy to talk to you about the mercury levels in fish, how rosemary improves memory, how her kawakawa cream fixed someone’s eczma.

Salt and pepper squid with handmade wedges

Salt and pepper squid is a dish found on most kiwi eating establishment menus and one that has time, and time again disappointed me. Squid should be only “just” cooked but only too often it’s like chewing on a rubber band. The short cooking time is my only point for this recipe; it's splendidly easy and by-jeeze, it tastes good.

Pork, prawn and chive dumplings

As the provider of this months theme it was only fitting that I post a recipe from my small, (but growing!), list of recipes. At the very start of my teenage years I was removed from my precious little world…

Lemon basil barbequed fish

In my mind spring is all about fresh ingredients and simplicity. In NZ we have quite a barbeque culture and as soon as Spring hits someone makes the call for the weekend barbeque and weather prevailing people descend with plates…

Tarakihi with white wine and capers

This is another of Simone’s recipes.  It is one of many in a collection given to her by her dad Les.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned Les before so I shall introduce him.  I met him for the first time…

Mussel fritters

This month I just had to make mussel fritters. Mussel fritters remind me of being at the beach during the summer holidays; making decisions about ice cream flavours at the dairy, whether to wear jandals or walk barefoot and if the Christmas ham is still good for another day’s sandwiches. Family friend and