Ingredient Herbs

Pistachio crusted rack of lamb

When we made this on Friday afternoon, it seemed like the whole office was filled with the incredible aroma of garlic, lemons and juicy lamb.  There was a crowd of spectators hovering while we took photos, waiting to help out…

Beef, tomato, olive and rosemary pies

A good pie is one of those guilty pleasures; light, buttery pastry with a tasty (typically) beef, chicken or vegetable based filling. On the other hand, a bad pie of questionable origins (tales of luke-warm pies from tepid pie warmers spring to mind) can put you off ever eating pies again.

Mussel fritters

This month I just had to make mussel fritters. Mussel fritters remind me of being at the beach during the summer holidays; making decisions about ice cream flavours at the dairy, whether to wear jandals or walk barefoot and if the Christmas ham is still good for another day’s sandwiches. Family friend and

Corn and courgette fritters

Not being a morning person makes me by default a big brunch fan—you still get to enjoy a great Kiwi breakfast, just a little later in the day.  And I think just about every Kiwi out there has their own…

Pickled onions

My grandparents were a great team when it came to preserves. Granddad was a skilled and very prolific gardener and Nana could turn anything that wasn’t used fresh into wonderful jams, pickles, chutneys and sauces. This is their recipe for…

Spicy chorizo, chickpea and tomato soup

Winter for me starts with soup-making motivation stirred by the first sight of the new season veggies. I make a huge batch which is then either eaten as lunch and dinner for the next few days, or frozen in an…

Thai chicken salad

This post deserves a special introduction. It is our first guest blog post. Its author, Sarah Woollett, played an important role in the realisation of this project, contributing advice, tasty recipes and unwavering encouragement. Sarah is an incredibly competent and knowledgable cook and here in the studio we were lucky

Chicken roulade with proscuitto, sage and garlic

This recipe is an adaptation of one originating from an ex head chef, Gary Sweetman. I can’t actually remember the original because I have changed it each time to suit the occasion. This recipe is fantastic for catering a party because it can be prepared in advance and the ingredients are in one component so there is no complicated assembly.