Ingredient Poultry

Rice paper rolls

The crisp raw vegies and fresh flavours of mint and coriander in this recipe make for a refreshing and healthy lunch or snack. They are dairy and gluten-free*, and can easily be made vegetarian by omitting the fish sauce from…

Chicken consommé

In the summer months I am all about light food, tending to steer away clear from soups because they leave me feeling ‘stodgy’. Not all soups are like that, though. For example chicken consommé—which I will always remember as it…

Chicken stock and chicken pot pies

Whenever I cook sauces and soups I always kick myself that I don’t have fresh stock. The closest thing from the local supermarket is Gregg’s ‘real stock’, which I’m sorry I don’t think quite compares.

Chicken and bean quesadillas

I first made these cheesy morsels for a morning tea (slightly unorthodox I know), as the savoury option and they were gobbled up as fast as I could flip them out of the pan!  Ever since they have been one…

Thai chicken salad

This post deserves a special introduction. It is our first guest blog post. Its author, Sarah Woollett, played an important role in the realisation of this project, contributing advice, tasty recipes and unwavering encouragement. Sarah is an incredibly competent and knowledgable cook and here in the studio we were lucky

Chicken roulade with proscuitto, sage and garlic

This recipe is an adaptation of one originating from an ex head chef, Gary Sweetman. I can’t actually remember the original because I have changed it each time to suit the occasion. This recipe is fantastic for catering a party because it can be prepared in advance and the ingredients are in one component so there is no complicated assembly.

Chicken cashew curry

When we decided that we would launch the blog with celebrations as the theme, I knew immediately that I would share this recipe. It is one which reminds me of happy times, of friends and family squeezed around the kitchen…