Ingredient Pulses & Legumes

Chicken salad

Vegan food is not something that comes naturally to me (how do you milk an almond???). My exposure to it was certainly limited growing up in Hamilton, one of the livestock capitals of the world. But a vegetarian flatmate and…

Boston Baked Beans

We’re pretty used to baked beans here in New Zealand – the canned, sweet and swimming in tomato sauce variety. So often served up on hot buttered toast as a weekend lunch after kids’ sports, or a quick weeknight dinner.

sausage and lentils

This is my kind of comfort food; food you can always turn to, that is easy to prepare, looks after itself and is satisfying to eat! And, with the added bonus of the whole meal being cooked in one pot…

Vegetarian burgers

As I’ve become a “grown-up” I’ve come to the opinion that one does not need to consume large quantities of meat every day and so for weeknight dinners I’ve been preparing a lighter vegetarian meal or one consisting mainly of vegetables with a small amount of lean meat. But as a kid it was a completely different story;


Dhal is one of those magical dishes.  The simple coming together of the humble lentil paired with a perfectly balanced combination of spices (best toasted and freshly ground), cooked long and slow and served steaming hot.  What I love about…

Spiced Vegie Burger

What is up with vegetarian bacon?  I just can’t get my head around the idea.  Fakin bacon just isn’t that cool.  Vegie burgers on the other hand are the real deal, and the possibilities are endless.